Initialized Gifts for Mom… Just Because!

My husband recently took a trip to New York and visited (without me, *tear*) one of my favorite places up there: The Brooklyn Flea. It’s a market with artisans and vintage shops and it’s amazing. Since I couldn’t be there in person with him, he surprised me with a necklace that he purchased from one of the artists. It had two little brass charms, one with his initial and one with our son’s. I’m a sucker for initialized baubles. Especially when they are simple. I thought you might be too! They are the perfect little “Just Because I Love You” gift. Click through for a roundup of pretty trinkets and tell me your favorites. Then, leave this post open on your hubby’s computer as, you know, a little hint hint. ;)

  • A Personalized Gift Just Because

    A Personalized Gift Just Because

    My husband surprised me with this personalized and initialized necklace from his trip to NYC. I loved it so much that I rounded up some other great initialized gifts that you can surprise the mom or mom-to-be in your life with!

  • For Bracelet and Bangle Lovers

    For Bracelet and Bangle Lovers

    I actually bought this for my mom with my son’s initial on it because she has, for as long as I can remember, worn silver bangles. It’s delicate and small and perfect for a bohemian momma.
    Made by Girl

  • Dainty and Delicate Initial Necklace

    Dainty and Delicate Initial Necklace

    Here’s a great necklace option. This way the initial is always close to her heart.

  • Fancy Family Tree

    Fancy Family Tree

    Isn’t this one pretty? It’s perfect for a woman who loves heritage and history. A little family tree right there on her neck.
    Menuet Designs

  • Show Off Your Baby's Birth Stone

    Show Off Your Baby's Birth Stone

    So many options with this one. You could have your baby’s birthstone and initial. Or your birthstone and their initial. Or your husbands initial and your baby’s birthstone…
    Briguys Girls

  • Tiny Personalized Ornaments

    Tiny Personalized Ornaments

    These handcrafted little ornaments are some of my favorites. You wouldn’t really need to wait for Christmas either as these would look pretty anywhere, especially hanging from a little plant on a working mama’s desk.
    Paloma’s Nest

  • Stack Em Up!

    Stack Em Up!

    I’m a sucker for dainty rings and these alphabet ones are perfect for stacking with the initials of all your kids! Or you could rotate with whichever is your favorite that day. Just kidding!


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