Give Twice With Just One Gift: Gifts for Moms That Give to Others

I had a great time making my list of baby gifts that benefit others in need around the globe, but dare I say that I had more fun making this gift list for moms? Maybe it’s even. There are so many beautiful things to choose from, and so many organizations that do good work and will benefit from purchase of these items. There’s not a thing on this list that I would be disappointed to find under the tree on Christmas morning, and I hope you can find a little something special that you or a woman you’re giving to would love as well.

  • Ayeeko Bag

    Ayeeko Bag

    The purchase of this bag, which would add a welcome pop of color to any drab outfit, provides opportunities for women in Ghana. Purchasing one bag provides three books for students at a school in Bapka-Avedo, Ghana.

    Available from Ayeeko Ghana.

  • Brown-Eyed Susan Flower Brooch

    Brown-Eyed Susan Flower Brooch

    This yellow flower brooch would brighten up the darkest winter day, and all proceeds from the sale benefit the work of the International Rescue Committee in Haiti.

    Available from Felt Like Helping.

  • Colorful Embroidered Tote Bag

    Colorful Embroidered Tote Bag

    This tote bag is sure to get people talking, and you can tell them that it has provided work for women in Peru, so they can improve their lives and provide for their families.

    Available from Threads of Hope.

  • Constellation Necklace

    Constellation Necklace

    A gorgeous gift for the mom that’s also an animal lover, the sale of this necklace benefits the Indiana Pet Welfare Project, providing care for strays and neglected animals, as well as providing mobile spay and neuter services.

    Available from One Eyed Dog.

  • Dulce Necklace

    Dulce Necklace

    This statement piece is created by artisans in Ecuador, providing a way out of poverty and joblessness, which they are then able to pass on to others as they hire community members to help them with their work.

    Available from Noonday Collection.

  • Embroidered Card Set

    Embroidered Card Set

    These beautiful cards are a sophisticated addition to any stationery stash and provide life-saving income to the Burmese women who make them.

    Available from Global Goods Partners

  • Silver Coral and Pearl Necklace

    Silver Coral and Pearl Necklace

    I am really hoping that this one ends up around my own neck, but I won’t be disappointed if someone else gets to it first. The sale of this necklace benefits Love 146, an organization that works to end child trafficking and exploitation.

    Available from Chains of Grace.

  • soleRebels tooToos Striped Shoes

    soleRebels tooToos Striped Shoes

    Purchasing these striped beauties or any of the shoes from soleRebels provides work to people in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who previously had no employment options.

    Available from soleRebels.

  • U Street Cowl

    U Street Cowl

    This soft alpaca cowl is a stunning color, and 25% of the proceeds from the sale benefits Charity Water.

    Available from SmokingHaute.

  • With Love Pillow Cover

    With Love Pillow Cover

    These pillow covers come in a variety of color combinations, and each listing designates a person in need who will receive all the proceeds from the sale of the item. This particular color combo benefits Kassidy, a teen battling a rare brain cancer.

    Available from Olive Handmade.

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