Give Twice With Just One Gift: Baby Gifts That Give to Others

The more I travel and observe how others live, the harder time I have making lists that will just add more to what we have while so many we know of and even know personally will live with less. Still, it’s fun to give during the holiday season, and fun to receive, too. That’s why gifts purchased from places that will give part or all of their proceeds to others is a perfect fit for our family. We can give beautiful gifts to those we love and at the same time know that someone else is being taken care of, too. It’s a win-win, and the internet makes it simple to find options to fit everyone on your list. Today, Thursday, and Friday, I’ll be listing my favorite gifts that give to charities whenever you make a purchase. Today I’ll start with babies, who are, in my opinion, the most fun to shop for. Check back in on Thursday for gifts that moms will love, and on Friday for gifts for dads.

  • Crocheted Elephant

    Crocheted Elephant

    Adorable and classic, the purchase of this elephant or any of his crocheted friends will send 10% of the purchase price to JDRF Canada to support diabetes research.

    Available from Crochet That Cares.

  • Fox and Mushroom Baby Shoes

    Fox and Mushroom Baby Shoes

    The purchase of these adorable cloth booties sends $10 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

    Available from Growing Up Wild.

  • Giraffe Teether

    Giraffe Teether

    When you purchase this eco-friendly giraffe teether, a gift is given to a Peace Corps worldwide youth development project.

    Available from Smiling Tree Toys.

  • Hand Knit Earflap Hat

    Hand Knit Earflap Hat

    Purchasing this cozy hat will give 15% of the profits to the Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project.

    Available from Friends in Fiber.

  • Handmade Stuffed Animals

    Handmade Stuffed Animals

    These African animals are handmade by women who have been widowed by AIDS, giving them income to pay for medical treatment, food, and other necessities.

    Available from Dsenyo.

  • Itsy Bitsy Onesie

    Itsy Bitsy Onesie

    Purchase of this organic, fair trade bodysuit will support one of a variety of worthy charities. For example, sales from this shop from the month of November benefited those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

    Available from Bugsella.

  • Peter Rabbit Dish Set

    Peter Rabbit Dish Set

    When you purchase this dish set, you get to choose where 20% of the purchase price is sent. There are featured charities, but you can also search their list for your favorites.

    Available from Gifts That Give.

  • Plush Bunny

    Plush Bunny

    When this adorable rabbit is ordered, 10% of the sale goes to an organization that supports breast cancer patients by offering financial help for all their needs while they undergo treatment.

    Available from cmh design.

  • Rainbow Booties

    Rainbow Booties

    Purchasing these beautiful striped booties will benefit Alma de los Andes, empowering women in Bolivia by offering education and a safe, supportive environment.

    Available from Global Goods Partners.

  • Sweet Pea Hat

    Sweet Pea Hat

    By gifting this hat that will make a baby look like a sweet little pea, you’ll send 15% of the sale to Community Health Professionals, Inc., a group that provides hospice and other home health care services.

    Available from B’Izzie Lizzie Boutique.

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