Fun Imagination Play with Knitted Baby Toys

My little man loves his toys! But he’s also a bit rough. So I went on the lookout for fun, colorful toys that would also be safe for him to chew on, drop, throw (at my head), drop on his toes, fall over on top of, etc. I came upon the cutest knitted toys in all kinds of fun shapes and characters. There are so many great handmade toys out there! Here are the ones I found that are great for imagination and learning while also being fun and adorable…

  • Knitted Fruits and Veggies

    Knitted Fruits and Veggies

    I love these little mini knitted foods! They would be so fun for a play kitchen or imaginary grocery shop trip. Plus, you can start teaching your kids about making healthy food choices through play!
    Fluff and Fuzz

  • Knitted Balls

    Knitted Balls

    In college I had to learn how to juggle for a psychology class with these. They are great for little ones because they are easy to grab and great for families with multiple siblings because if they get thrown, no one gets hurt. ;)

    Auntie Ems Studio

  • Knitted Donut

    Knitted Donut

    Isn’t this little knitted donut precious? It’s so pretty and bright too! Babies will love the vibrant pink color. How fun to add this to your imaginary tea parties?
    Little Bitty Knitter

  • Knitted Number Blocks

    Knitted Number Blocks

    I love these soft and squishy number blogs. They are solid enough to still stack but babies can play with them, chew on them, and throw them without any worries of a loud noise or injury.
    Auntie Ems Studio

  • Knitted Burger

    Knitted Burger

    For all you foodies out there, this little knitted burger is hilarious. Great for imagination playtime and to add to a play kitchen set if you have one.
    Little Bitty Knitter

  • Knitted Mom and Baby Monsters

    Knitted Mom and Baby Monsters

    Did you know monsters kept their babies in pouches like kangaroos? I didn’t either. But apparently, this kind does. This little two-for-one knitted toy is so adorable. I love the little baby monster!
    Little Goat Knits

  • Knitted Dino

    Knitted Dino

    I am completely smitten with the dark multicolored knitted dino. With it’s long neck and tail it would be so easy for baby to grab while working on those hand-eye coordination skills.
    Little Goat Knits

  • Knitted Dino + Caveman

    Knitted Dino + Caveman

    I think this set is just hilarious. Not only is there a friendly looking knitted dino, but there’s also a little caveman buddy. It cracks me up.
    My Fanwys Makes

  • Knitted Patterned Elephant

    Knitted Patterned Elephant

    I think this little knitted elephant is just the cutest thing ever. This shop has a bunch of them in different colors too. If you have multiples, this would be the cutest gift set for them!
    Precious Knits

  • Knitted Penelope the Monster

    Knitted Penelope the Monster

    Isn’t Penelope cute? She’s not very scary at all. In fact, I think she may be the cutest little monster I’ve ever seen.

  • Knitted Horse Puppet

    Knitted Horse Puppet

    How fun to have a puppet show with a bunch of kitted animal characters! This little guy seems especially festive this time of year.
    Auntie Ems Studio

  • Knitted Purple Monster

    Knitted Purple Monster

    I love the colors on this fun knitted not-so-scary monster. It’s really great for a boy or a girl to cuddle up to.

  • Knitted Octopus

    Knitted Octopus

    Does this little one remind anyone else of the octopus from Finding Nemo? “Hey! You guys made me ink!” So cute.
    Make Rest Repeat

  • Knitted Oreos

    Knitted Oreos

    How fun! These knitted oreos would be so fun for a pretend tea party or to add to a play kitchen. Do you think they are gluten free? ;)
    Little Bitty Knitter

  • Knitted Whales

    Knitted Whales

    I love these multicolored little knitted whales. I think they are especially cute in a big bunch like this. You could work on colors and numbers with your little one with these too!
    Precious Knits


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