Eeyores for Everyone

When I was growing up, I loved the Winnie the Pooh stories. I remember getting up early in the morning on Saturdays to catch Winnie the Pooh on Saturday morning cartoons (yes, I’m that old). As much as I loved all the characters, there was one that I liked best:  Eeyore. I know he’s not an obvious choice. He’s a little bit gloomy and not incredibly optimistic. But despite his lack of cheer, Eeyore was always a good and loyal friend, and he kept going regardless of his circumstances. Plus, he’s just cute. What’s not to love about a donkey whose tail doesn’t stay on properly? I had my share of Eeyore stuffed animals growing up, and I’m sure that Eeyore and the rest of the gang will eventually make it into my daughters’ stuffed animal collection. There are lots of Eeyores to choose from, and each girl will easily find one that is to her liking. Here are seven adorable Eeyores to cuddle and love.

  • Classic Pooh Eeyore

    Classic Pooh Eeyore

    He looks just like the illustrations in the classic books and is soft as can be.

    Available from

  • Eeyore with Crinkle Ears and Jingle Tummy

    Eeyore with Crinkle Ears and Jingle Tummy

    He’s huggable and makes noises babies love.

    Available from

  • Mini Bean Bag Eeyore Plush

    Mini Bean Bag Eeyore Plush

    He’ll sit where you put him, and his small size makes him easy to take along if your child likes a stuffed animal friend for company when you’re out and about.

    Available from The Disney Store.

  • Movie Edition Eeyore Plush

    Movie Edition Eeyore Plush

    Your child can carry this Eeyore and pretend to be just like Christopher Robin.

    Available from The Disney Store.

  • 12

    12" Eeyore Plush

    Just the right size for big hugs from baby, this Eeyore probably likes to have his ears rubbed, too.

    Available from The Disney Store.

  • Certified Organic Eeyore Plush

    Certified Organic Eeyore Plush

    For the eco-conscious baby, this soft Eeyore will be just the thing. I know we’d love to have him (and all his organic Hundred Acre Wood friends) at our house.

    Available from

  • A Happier Eeyore

    A Happier Eeyore

    For those who want an Eeyore with a brighter disposition, this cuddly friend will deliver the smiles.

    Available from Sears.

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