Dollhouse Love

You know how sometimes you forget about a toy? Or those with smaller parts…oh those blasphemous small parts. Sometimes they get lost in the pile(s).

A few years ago we were gifted this adorable wooden dollhouse. Complete with a solar panel roof. I know. I kept it out and organized for a while, but my boy never really got into it. In keeping with our Montessori approach to play at at home – I do try to keep on top of toy organization and keeping things at a minimum. Less is more.

Baby's First Dollhouse

Key words? I try. With birthdays and Christmases accumulating under our belts, if I don’t do a sort every couple of months things pile up and get all crazy town. So, with spring cleaning well under way at our house; this past weekend I tackled all of the toys. Cleaning and assembling and setting some toys aside to donate.

I found every last piece to the forgotten dollhouse and brought it upstairs to my children’s’ shared bedroom, (out in the living room for the first day of discovery.) Suffice to say it’s been a hit. Even my son at 3.5 is into it now – although we’ve had to really work with him on valuing gentle, creative play. If he wants to crash and race and get rowdy, he can go downstairs to play with his hotwheels and tracks. Just like his sister can when she’s in that mood.

It is good to have imaginative, creative, role playing themed toys that both of my little ones can play with, regardless of their gender. I suppose he (my son) just needed some time for that of the dollhouse variety. My girl, however – was all over that action immediately. Delicate and precise, she revels in putting babies to sleep and sorting the furniture and playing / assembling different variations of the roof-top garden. Truth? I LOVE including myself in on the play too.

To our eco-friendly dollhouse, I am so, so, sorry we ever cast you aside.

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