DIY Bling For New Moms! Trendy Necklaces For Less

I know what you’re thinking. DIY WHUT? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I know it probably feels like that, you there; new mom who’s running on little sleep and likely feeling extra ragged. (Which is precisely why it’s so important to have a little bit of glitz and glam somewhere in your life. By way of accessories and/or shoes, of course.)

But it happens. Honestly, it does. Time starts to trickle back in, whether you flat out take some back for yourself while someone else takes care of your babe for a short spell, or for that delicious moment wherein your baby finally starts to sleep for more than 2-3 hour stretches. For the DIY enthusiasts? I know you’ll make the time; crafting is an addiction. One of the healthiest ones there is.

If you are looking to bulk up your accessories with some of the hottest trends (without shelling out major dough) – I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking here…

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