Disney Baby Dreamy Soothers to Help Your Little One Sleep

If there’s one thing I’m a fan of as a mom, it’s good sleep for my kids. When my kids sleep, I can sleep. When we all sleep, we’re all better prepared to face life without being cranky. Both of my babies have benefited from having light and sound to help them go to sleep and stay asleep at night, and I have many friends who say the same is true for their little ones. Now at Babies R Us, you can get Disney Baby Dreamy Soothers in both Minnie and Simba styles, and send your baby off to dreamland with a familiar friend nearby to help make the night hours calmer.

  • Simba Dreamy Sounds Soother

    Simba Dreamy Sounds Soother

    This snuggly Simba can play three different sounds: the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, white noise, and nature sounds. Set it to play for as long as your little one needs to fall asleep; you can choose 23 or 45 minutes. Simba can be attached to the crib with Velcro straps, and his sound box can be removed to be used separately.

    Purchase at Babies R Us.

  • Simba Dreamy Stars Soother

    Simba Dreamy Stars Soother

    Stars are projected from Simba’s log perch to turn your baby’s nursery ceiling into a night sky. Hidden among the stars is a special constellation: Mickey Mouse’s ears!

    Purchase at Babies R Us.

  • Minnie Mouse Dreamy Sounds Soother

    Minnie Mouse Dreamy Sounds Soother

    Huggable Minnie Mouse plays the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, has pleasant white noise, or makes nature sounds. Attach Minnie to the side of your baby’s crib with Velcro straps for a friendly face nearby. The sound box is removable so Minnie and her sounds can be used separately if desired.

    Purchase at Babies R Us.

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