Dancing to the Beat with the Disney Junior MICKEY MOUSE Clubhouse Album

Ever get a specific song stuck in your head? One that you wake up singing, hum throughout the whole day, and then tuck your kids in bed while watching them do the motions because they’ve listened to you singing it all day?

Yes, a song with motions. That I sing all day.

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Now we got ears, it’s time for cheers…

If those lyrics resonate with you like they do with me, I’m guessing you too might know the awesome words to one of our favorite songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, Hot Dog!


You see, as an after school treat, my big kids often watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while eating a snack before they start their homework. And always, when the Hot Dog song starts, they hop to their feet and dance along.

Recently, while watching his siblings watch the show, baby Paul has too started to join in, moving and grooving to his own silly baby beat.

Get up, stretch out, stomp on the floor…

I’m digging his dance moves so much that I’ve decided to buy the Disney Junior MICKEY MOUSE Clubhouse Album, so we can start a hot dog dance party whenever the mood strikes us. Like, while outside running through the sprinklers, or just before bed when we need to get the wiggles out!

Hot Dog!

How about you? Does your little one have a favorite dance tune that makes his stand up and dance?

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