Change Of Art Frames – Making Picture Updates Ridiculously Easy

It’s nothing short of awesome when you come across a product that is so functional and brilliant, you wonder why no one’s thought of it before.  But when that product is also incredibly eco-friendly, and gives back, well it’s also deemed genius.  While browsing my Pinterest feed this morning, I came across Change Of Art, a company that makes eco-friendly, and user-friendly picture frames, to make picture updates ridiculously easy.  Through a brilliant trick of engineering, a photo pocket placed in the back of the frame allows you to slide photos in and out without ever having to mess with the frame hinges, photo mats, cutting of pictures, etc.  There’s even a pocket to store up to a dozen old photos for quick and easy updates.  It’s like they sat in my house and analyzed my complaints and needs, and created this product just for me! 

  • Making updates of children and family photos easier than ever!

    There’s a reason why photos of my kids are over 3 years old, and there still are no photos of Hayden anywhere in the house. It’s because changing out photos in picture frames is a pain! Click through to learn more about Change Of Art, and why it has me so ridiculously excited!

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  • Easy Mat Backer

    Easy Mat Backer

    The secret is in the back. Simply slide your photos in and out of the slot in back of the frame, and store old photos in the protective pocket, up to a dozen at a time. I’m always wondering what to do with the old photos you replace. Now you have a quick and easy solution.

  • 3 colors to choose from

    3 colors to choose from

    Available in white, black or dark cherry, you can get the perfect color to fit with your home decor. The extra thick white matte sets off photos beautifully, and is made of a recycle content core. Acid free and safe for photos and art prints.

  • Several sizes to choose from

    Several sizes to choose from

    Available in several different sizes, you can find the frame to fit your needs. Worth mentioning that the frames are all locally made in the USA, and are made of sustainably sourced wood materials, making them the most eco-friendly gallery frame around.

  • Sold in sets

    Sold in sets

    Buy individually, or buy in a gallery wall set to save money. Either way, you’ll add instant decor style to your home, and changing out baby’s pictures couldn’t be easier.

  • Giving back

    Giving back

    For every frame sold, Change Of Art donates 50 cents to your choice of charity. I love this idea, and I love a company that gives back.

  • Change Of Art

    I spent about 30 minutes on the company’s website and have already ordered a few frames to try out. I’ll report back as to what the results are, but for now it seems like this is the perfect frame for our family’s needs. Beautifully and ethically made, functional and gives back. Suddenly I don’t think changing out pictures of the kids will be such a chore anymore.

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