Baby’s First Hanukkah: 15 Gift Ideas From Bibs To Dreidels

The holidays are the most magical when celebrated with a brand new family member. That very first celebration is a day you never forget and try to commemorate as much as you possibly can. Hanukkah begins next week and will continue for the following 8 days. In lieu of the Festival of Lights, I wanted to put together a fun round-up for Baby’s First Hanukkah.

  • 15  Gift Ideas For Baby's 1st Hanukkah

    15 Gift Ideas For Baby's 1st Hanukkah

    There are so many fun ideas out there for baby’s very Festival of Lights! We narrow it down to 15 of our favorites.

  • Hanukkah Elf Hat

    Hanukkah Elf Hat

    Looking for the perfect photo prop for baby’s first Hanukkah? I think I found it! This super soft hat is absolutely adorable and offers a nod to both the jolly holly and Festival of Lights.

  • Touch & Feel Hanukkah

    Touch & Feel Hanukkah

    Board books are fun, especially when there is a discovery aspect to them. This particular board book has familiar Hanukkah images with touch-and-feel textures help baby to learn and explore. It’s also a fun way to go over all the exciting aspects of Hanukkah such as playing dreidel, eating latkes and lighting candles.

  • Sockies


    What better gift than a pair of Hanukkah socks? These socks from Trumpette are just too adorable and would be suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Baby's First Hand and Foot Print

    Baby's First Hand and Foot Print

    Anything personalized is in my eyes – the perfect gift! This customized hand and foot print is made with your baby’s own prints. You take them, scan them over to the seller and email your choice of colors. She then puts together this beautiful piece with your child’s name and your choice of wording.

    For more information, visit Niko and Lily on Etsy.

  • Baby's First Dreidel

    Baby's First Dreidel

    You can always gift wooden dreidels and put them away for safe keeping until baby gets older, but due to safety issues they can’t play with them quite yet. This toy plush dreidel is a little different and is more suited for little hands. When you squeeze the top of the dreidel, music plays!

  • Where Is Baby's Dreidel?

    Where Is Baby's Dreidel?

    Karen Katz is one of my favorite baby book authors. We have almost every one of her books and all of my kids have loved to lift the flaps to find the hidden surprise.

    Where’s Baby’s Dreidel is no different and provides a fun hide-and-seek adventure for baby as you read.

  • Mickey Mouse Hanging Menorah

    Mickey Mouse Hanging Menorah

    What better way to celebrate Hanukkah then with Mickey? This fun hanging menorah can be hung in your baby’s nursery and features eight removable fabric candle ‘flames’ with embroidered Mickey icons. They have designed this with a pocket so you can remove the flames and store them for safe keeping.

  • Reversible Baby Bib

    Reversible Baby Bib

    Both sides of this bib are beautiful and feature gorgeous Hanukkah patterns and prints. The perfect way to enjoy eats and treats during the holidays!

  • Star of David

    Star of David

    Choose from maple or walnut and let the seller know which name or phrase you would like engraved in this beautiful Star of David ornament. This is not meant to be a toy, rather a decoration to hang out of reach.

  • Every Fingerprint Is Unique

    Every Fingerprint Is Unique

    This personalized fingerprint gift idea runs along the same lines as the hand and foot print in the previous slides. You simply send in a scanned image of your baby’s fingerprint and they take it from there. Such a great and memorable gift!

    For more information, visit Niko and Lily on Etsy.

  • Newborn Hat

    Newborn Hat

    Sized to fit a baby from birth to 3 months old, this hand crocheted hat is ideal if you live in a colder climate. The white and blue yarn used to make this super soft hat give a nod to the season.

  • The Gift Set

    The Gift Set

    Gift sets are such a treat as they offer more than one item in one sweet little package. With two bodysuits and a knitted hat, this newborn gift set is a cute choice. The bodysuits feature hand embroidered details and are appliqued with designs of both a menorah and dreidel.

  • Baby's First Menorah

    Baby's First Menorah

    This has to be one of the cutest menorahs I’ve ever laid eyes on! Designed especially for kids, this menorah is handmade from real hand-painted alphabet blocks which have then been topped with gold-plated candle holders. You can have it personalized with special wording or any name that you choose.

  • The Hanukkah Suit

    The Hanukkah Suit

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t even handle how adorable this bodysuit is! The one piece top is designed in such a way that you just snap the tie on and you can even switch them up if you like. To top it off, blue suspenders with real hardware are appliqued to this top.

  • A Great Miracle Happened Here

    A Great Miracle Happened Here

    “Nes Gadol Haya Po” This adorable bodysuit says “A Great Miracle Happened Here” in Hebrew. Comes in 6 sizes – Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months.

There are so many gift ideas for this Judaic holiday, but most of them are geared towards older children. Luckily I found quite a few gift ideas suitable for babies, that I think you will most definitely approve of! From books to menorahs and toy dreidels to Hanukkah elf hats (oh yes there is!) we’ve covered the best of the best.

Which is your favorite? 

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