Baby’s 5 Favorite Books of the Moment

For almost a year, I’d try to get my baby girl, “Pink”, to sit in my lap and read books. She’d grab, flail, scream, and do everything in her power to resist. She loved looking at books by herself, but she did not want to be read to. Of course I was in a panic. How could I check off the reading column on the Good Mom Checklist if my baby refused? Well, like all things, she grew out of the phase and now loves to be read to. I’ve just learned that she has to hold one book while I read another. I’m loving introducing her to my favorites, and discovering the books she loves too. Of course she has her favorites she wants over and over and over and over and over and over. Here they are…

  • Once Upon a Time

    Once Upon a Time

    She gets the big ol’ rocking chair, I get the ottoman, and we settle in for some fun-loving story time.

  • A Final Goodnight Book

    A Final Goodnight Book

    “I kiss your sweet neck, it’s my favorite place…”

    This is my favorite bedtime story, and Pink seems to agree. I tickle each of her body parts as I read, she gets to look at pictures of the animals she loves, and we both say goodnight with big smiles on our faces.

  • Confidence and a Mother's Love

    Confidence and a Mother's Love

    “You can do it, I know you can…”

    This sweet story about a little one being nervous to try something new, then elated when she gives it a try, is a lovely way to build confidence in your baby.

  • Sensory Magic

    Sensory Magic

    “Sheep enjoys a grassy lunch in Scotland.”

    This Disney Baby book explores different animals, places, and climates, all with great textures for Pink to enjoy while I read.

  • Try Not to Tear Up

    Try Not to Tear Up

    “Now sleep child of mine, while the stars shine above…”

    While Pink loves looking at the pictures of animals, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the universal love of a mother for her child.

  • I Know It by Heart

    I Know It by Heart

    “No, no, you say. That isn’t right. The pigs say ‘Oink’ all day and night.”

    Even I don’t tire of animal noises when it comes to this sweet, funny poem about the sounds some of Pink’s favorite animals make. All of my kids have loved this one — almost as much as I do.

What’s your baby’s favorite book of the moment?

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