25 of My Favorite DIY and Handmade Montessori and Waldorf Toys

In looking around our play-space, my head gives a slow nod to all of the natural, learning and free-play based toys, games and activities on the shelves. That and the motherlode of books. Which I won’t ever stop collecting.

Our beliefs and practices regarding what sort of toys we bring or let slide into our home have really resonated with me today, this day of my first parent-teacher interview for my young lad (near 4), Wyndham. All of the reading, all of the learning-based play, and all of the emotional focus and free, creative, sensory play seems to have done him more than good it would seem.

So, yes – I do wholeheartedly believe that merging Waldorf and Montessori theories is quite fine. Blasphemous thought to those who are hardcore about it all, which, meh. I don’t really care about. Our kids get the best of both, without either being the sole focus. Below are some of my newest, favourite DIY toys, resources for free printables and handmade shops to stock up on when we need to!

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