An Unexpected Friend For Fern

When I think of Disney I think of princesses and Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. But, the other day my dad got a little gift for Fern at the Disney Store while he was out doing some Christmas shopping and it totally surprised me.

An Unexpected New Friend For Fern


The gift was this adorable, little plush raccoon. Fern loved him straight away, and I did too, but I couldn’t stop racking my brain trying to figure out which Disney movie he was from!

Finally I Google searched “Disney raccoon” and up popped this cute, little face: Meeko from Pocahontas! I think I was a little too old to be super into the movie as a kid, but I definitely remembered it after having my memory jogged.

Regardless, I love that Fern now has this little unexpected Disney friend. He’s a character who’s a little off-the-beaten path, which I like, and as an added bonus, he coordinates with her Northwest, woodland-inspired bedroom! It’s a win/win.

Find your own little Meeko raccoon at Disney Store!

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