A Year-in-Review Poster for Baby’s First Year

Today is all about the end-of-year-reviews and annual reports. Everything from fashion to politics is being counted down and categorized in a neat little 2012 box.

But what about your baby’s very first year?

StrangeBirdyStudios has these gorgeous My First Year posters, which displays all of the big milestones and moments in a stylish graphic design.

  • My First Year

    My First Year

    The “My First Year” poster is a modern, graphically stunning representation of your baby’s most celebrated moments throughout the year.

  • White or Aqua

    White or Aqua

    You can also choose the poster in white — with more colors ad language options coming soon!

  • Document the Changes

    Document the Changes

    With over 30 customizable fields to fill in, you can depict just how much your child has developed and grown throughout the last 12 months.

  • Document the Moments

    Document the Moments

    Everything from first words and first steps to places visited and words spoken.

  • Frame Worthy

    Frame Worthy

    The poster measures 17×22 inches, and also comes in a smaller card design for family and friends.

Buy your My First Year Poster for $40.

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