A Mother’s Day Bouquet: Do You Speak the Language of Flowers?

If you’re thinking of celebrating Mom with Mother’s Day flowers this year, consider crafting your message of love by speaking the antique language of flowers. The language of flowers (also known as “floriography”) was a popular form of covert communication during the Victorian era. Now a relic of a bygone age, you can still pick the prettiest blooms for your Mother’s Day bouquet while using these flower meanings to craft a very special message for Mom this Mothers’ Day!

  • The Language of Flowers: Flower Meanings for Mothers Day Bouquets

    The Language of Flowers: Flower Meanings for Mothers Day Bouquets

    This Mothers Day, make a bouquet that stands out from the crowd by hand-picking each flower with careful meaning, according to the Victorian language of flowers!

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  • Azalea:

    Azalea: "Take Care"

    Thinking of mom and want to make sure she’s doing well? Wish her a caring message by adding azaleas to your Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Baby's Breath:

    Baby's Breath: "Innocence and Pure of Heart"

    This common bouquet filler tells mom that your Mothers Day message has the purest of intentions.

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  • Pink Carnation:

    Pink Carnation: "A Mother's Love"

    Pink carnations represent one of the most characteristic phrases and thoughts of Mothers Day in the language of flowers.

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  • Cherry Blossoms:

    Cherry Blossoms: "A Good Education"

    Do you have mom to thank for your smarts? Tell her thank you for all of her support during your school years by adding cherry blossoms to her Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Chrysanthemum:

    Chrysanthemum: "I Love"

    If you love your mom, add these showy blossoms to show her just how much you do love her this Mothers Day!

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  • Dahlia:

    Dahlia: "Elegance and Dignity"

    Is your mom a woman of elegance and dignity? Compliment her grace with a few graceful dahlia blooms in your Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Red Daisy:

    Red Daisy: "Beauty Unknown to the Possessor"

    Tell your mom just how beautiful she is this Mothers Day by adding a few stems of bright red Gebera daisies to her bouquet.

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  • Hibiscus:

    Hibiscus: "A Rare, Delicate Beauty"

    If your mom is as precious as these big showy blooms, compliment her beauty by making a statement with lots of bright hibiscus blossoms!

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  • Iris:

    Iris: "Good News"

    Do you have happy news to share with mom this Mothers Day? Give it some special meaning by adding some deep indigo irises into your Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Jonquil:

    Jonquil: "Return My Affection"

    You’ll probably never have to ever ask for a mother’s love but you can tell her just how much you need her by sticking a few jonquil blooms in your Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Lavender:

    Lavender: "Devotion"

    You don’t have to worry about getting a “Mom” tattoo on your arm to express your devotion – just add a few sprigs of these wonderful smelling flowers to your Mothers Day bouquet instead!

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  • White Lilac:

    White Lilac: "Youthful Innocence and Memories"

    Think fondly on all the good times growing up with mom by adding some white lilac sprigs in your Mothers Day bouquet. The heady aroma of lilac will be sure to take her back to special memories together with you.

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  • Lily:

    Lily: "Motherhood"

    A perfect symbol of Mothers Day, consider basing your Mothers Day bouquet around these fragrant, gorgeous blooms.

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  • Lily of the Valley:

    Lily of the Valley: "Returning Happiness"

    Has it been a while since you’ve last visited your mom? Surprise her by showing up with a Mothers Day bouquet with accents of these delicate blooms expressing how happy you are to return to her!

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  • Magnolia:

    Magnolia: "Love of Nature"

    Is your mom an Earth Mama? Play up to her love of nature by adding some lovely magnolia blooms to her Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Nasturtium:

    Nasturtium: "Patriotism"

    Independence Day might be a few months away, but you can still appeal to your mom’s sense of patriotism and pride with a few stems of nasturtium in your Mothers Day bouquet!

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  • Red Poppy:

    Red Poppy: "Pleasure"

    Let mom know that this Mothers Day, she should do something fun for herself this year and enjoy all the pleasure of spring by adding red poppies to her Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Dark Pink Rose:

    Dark Pink Rose: "Gratitude"

    Tell your mother “thank you” this year by adding some majestic, dark pink rose stems to your Mothers Day bouquet.

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  • Purple Tulip:

    Purple Tulip: "Forever Love"

    Let mom know that your love is forever by adding some purple tulips to your Mothers Day bouquet!

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  • Violet:

    Violet: "Daydreaming"

    This Mothers Day, it’s alright if mom lets the day just get away from her as she’s caught up in daydreams. Encourage that free spirit by adding some shy violets to your Mothers Day bouquet.

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What special message will you send to your mom this Mother’s Day? Share your language of flower inspiration and ideas in the comments!

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