A Mother-Daughter Keepsake to Cherish

After I had my son, I sometimes found myself consumed with the possibility that I might leave him too early. And all that I’d leave behind were photographs, a couple of videos, and word-of-mouth anecdotes — not my words, my advice. Not me. It was actually one of the reasons I started blogging — to record my thoughts and my emotions, just in case anything ever happened to me. It’s morbid and unlikely, I know, but it’s honest.

But Jaime Morrison Curtis (the woman behind the mega-popular blog Prudent Baby) took that all-too-common fear and did something about it. She wrote a book. And it’s a lovely book — filled with the kind of real-world advice that every mother hopes to pass on to her child, written in a powerful and beautiful way. Advice about kindness and goodness, as well as practical tidbits. (See some of the advice here.)


Well Jaime expanded her idea into a fill-in-the-blank keepsake that mothers can write to their daughters. (For instance: “The best medicine for a broken heart is_____.”) She also includes inspiring quotes and an overall beautiful design that any mother would be proud to own.

If I had a daughter, I would absolutely buy this book.

If my sister were having a girl (she’s not) or any of my friends’ were expecting a girl (nope), I would buy this for them immediately.

So if you’re lucky enough to have a little girl in your life, buy this for yourself (or for their mother). I can’t think of a better keepsake to pass from mother to daughter.

See more Prudent Advice, and visit Jaime over at Prudent Baby.

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