A Kit for Moms Going Back to Work

I can honestly say that I felt proud to breastfeed my son until he self-weaned at 18 months — not just because I, personally, had long-term breastfeeding goals, but because of the obstacles in our way.

I went back to work full-time (including four hours of commuting per day) when he was 7 weeks old. 7 weeks! 7 weeks. So although I was able to breastfeed at nights and on weekends, most days I felt like an exclusive pumper. My breast pump was as important as my right arm — possibly more so. I’ve pumped in countless public bathrooms, on trains, even while driving once (or twice, or maybe more than that).

So yes, I know about pumping.

And that’s why I think this back-to-work kit is so cute for returning moms:


The Milk It Kit: Back to Work Survival for Breastfeeding Moms gives moms a cute little kit to make her pumping sessions just a little more bearable. The kit includes:

  • 1 two-sided door hanger
  • 2 folded desk signs (“back in twenty!”)
  • 1 pump bag tag (to let co-workers know that it isn’t that kind of milk)
  • 32 milk labels (in pretty graphics)
  • 3 “Milk It” stickers

I do recognize how fortunate I was to have employers who respected my commitment to breast milk (they even gave me my own little pumping room), and I hope you find the support and encouragement that you need. Before you head back to work, know your rights.

Is this kit necessary? Nope. But I know it would have made turning on that pump a little more special. Buy the “Milk It” kit for $16.95.

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