8 Products Parents Don’t Know They Need

My sister recently had her first baby (a beautiful, perfect, undeniably lovable newborn boy), which thrusted me back into the baby product world. It got me thinking about all of the things that she’ll need — and especially the things that no one told her she’ll need.

Here are 8 products that are extremely useful for new parents, but some might not know they need:

  • Pacifier Holders

    Pacifier Holders

    While the word “need” might be a little strong when it comes to pacifier clips, they certainly are useful — especially in those early I’ll-drop-everything-and-anything-on-the-floor months. And with dropped binkies comes frantic searches right before bedtime.

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  • Cool Mist Humidifiers

    Cool Mist Humidifiers

    Once cold season hits, parents will run out and buy a humidifier for Baby’s room. Plan ahead and get a cute Disney Baby version — which comes in a variety of designs, like Winnie the Pooh and Disney Princess.

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  • Stroller Toys

    Stroller Toys

    You may have plenty of stuffed animals, rattles, and teething toys — but parents quickly find the value in clip-on toys for on-the-go strolling.

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  • Sound Soothers

    Sound Soothers

    Expectant parents might swear that they’ll never use artificial sleep aids, but a sound soother can be a sanity saver. And Cloud b makes some of the most popular soothers for babies — which play three different sounds and even attach to the crib. I especially love their Disney Baby collaboration, which comes in adorable plush designs (like Dumbo, here).

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  • Photo Books

    Photo Books

    In a world of digital photography and Instagram, you might not think about getting a photo album for hard-copy photos.

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  • Tiny Bites Food Shears

    Tiny Bites Food Shears

    Again, you can get by perfectly fine cutting up beginner solid foods with a fork and knife, but these food-grade shears are surprisingly amazing. They cut up food extremely fast (in itty-bitty bites) — and most importantly, food can be cut up with one hand, while holding a baby.

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  • Swaddles...Not Just Receiving Blankets

    Swaddles...Not Just Receiving Blankets

    When I had my son, I was given stacks of thick receiving blankets. But these thin swaddle blankets — designed for a tight-holding yet breathable swaddle — are immeasurably better in those early weeks. And SwaddleDesigns — one of my favorite baby-product companies — even has a Disney Baby collaboration.

    Buy from SwaddleDesigns.

  • Stuffed Animal Storage

    Stuffed Animal Storage

    The stuffed animals will pile up (and up and up), so anticipate the clutter and buy some handy stuffed animal storage solutions — like these from 3 Sprouts.

    See 10 smart storage ideas for stuffed animals.


What were some baby products that you didn’t know you needed?

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