7 Simple DIY Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas

I love DIY projects, because it allows me to put my own stamp on the things around my home. But, with that said, I’m far too busy to take on any crafts that are even remotely complex and I am always on the hunt for a sweet and simple DIY. As Christmas is quickly approaching I wanted to DIY a little ornament to commemorate Fern’s first Christmas and I thought I’d share my DIY along with a few other ideas to get you started. Happy crafting!

  • 7 Simple DIY Ornaments For Baby's First Christmas

    7 Simple DIY Ornaments For Baby's First Christmas

    Making Baby’s first Christmas a special and memorable one is important, but in the midst of all the daily parenting duties it can be difficult to add on any extra tasks, which is why I wanted to share these easy peasy DIY ornaments to help you commemorate your baby’s first Christmas without the stress!

  • DIY Wood Cookie Ornament

    DIY Wood Cookie Ornament

    This is the ornament I made to commemorate my own baby’s first Christmas and it doesn’t get more simple than this. You could get a little more fancy with the lettering if you wanted, but I like to keep things simple and I like the homespun look anyway.

    Tutorial by Lauren Hartmann from The Little Things We Do

  • DIY Hand Stamp Ornament

    DIY Hand Stamp Ornament

    The only challenging part abou this ornament is getting your babe to hold still for long enough to get a good hand print, but it can definitely be done. Your little one’s tiny handprint would be such a sweet memory to hang on your tree each year.

    Tutorial by Mandy Chiappini from Sort of a Fairytale Blog

  • DIY Silhouette Ornament

    DIY Silhouette Ornament

    This would be a fun ornament to replicate each year and your child’s silhouette grows and changes. I may have to try this one!

    Tutorial by John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love

  • DIY Porcelain Pen Ornament

    DIY Porcelain Pen Ornament

    While this isn’t a tutorial for a “baby” ornament, using a porcelain pen on an ornament like this would be a great option for a first ornament. You could write whatever wording you’d like to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas and add in any designs as well. I love these ones.

    Tutorial by Abbey Hendrickson from Aesthetic Outburst

  • DIY Baby's First Shoe Ornament

    DIY Baby's First Shoe Ornament

    This isn’t technically a tutorial, but I think it would be pretty cute to take one of your baby’s first shoes and attach some string or an ornament hook to hang it from your tree. First shoes are something that are fun to save, but they usually just end up in a box, so this would be a fun way to revisit those tiny shoes year after year.

    Photo via Lauren Hartmann

  • DIY Photo Display Ornament

    DIY Photo Display Ornament

    This is a simple and cute way to hang photo memories right on your tree!

    Tutorial by Holly from Life As A Thrifter

  • DIY Plaster Handprint Ornament

    DIY Plaster Handprint Ornament

    A classic standby ornament DIY – you can’t go wrong with a plaster mold of your baby’s little handprint.

    Purchase kit from Pottery Barn Kids



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