5 Things Moms Want But Don’t Register For

I don’t know about you but I had a lot of fun building our baby registry. Maybe it’s my love of online shopping, maybe it’s the realness that building your registry adds to your pregnancy, whatever it is, I had a blast curating the perfect collection of goodies to welcome our son into our lives. Still, there were some things that I didn’t register for. In fact, I think there are things all moms secretly want but don’t register for. They are…

baby shower giftsme opening gifts at my own baby shower

1. A massage – I literally ached for a massage every day. I would have LOVED to register for a bunch of prenatal massages. (One for every day past 30 weeks — ha!) Most moms probably feel like a massage is too frivolous to ask for, but I can guarantee you they all want one.

2. A manicure and a pedicure – I couldn’t even reach my toes, let alone try to paint them. By the time The Bubs came into the world my toes were in disrepair. And then after he came there was no time for toe-painting. My mom took me for pedicures throughout my pregnancy and it was such a nice treat. Plus, pregnant ladies have aching feet. A little foot pampering is such a sweet treat. (And apparently I like to rhyme a lot.)

3. Coupons for a cleaning service – I cannot tell you how awesome it would have been to have someone gift us a maid. Even if it was just once or twice. Without our moms coming into town to help us (and in the process, cleaning our house) it just would not have gotten done. Even now we talk about how awesome it would be to have a maid come in and do everything we don’t have time for.


4. A gorgeous robe – I found a few really nice robes that I wanted but I felt like adding them to my registry was greedy. But after our son was born and I spent the first few days wrapped in blankets and yoga pants I was wishing that I had sucked it up and asked for the nice robe. When you’re nursing (or attempting to nurse, as it was in my case) you need clothes that allow for easy access but that also cover you up in case you want to walk outside to the mailbox or for when guests visit. And a gorgeous robe makes you feel pampered and pretty, something every new mom needs.

5. The hip bottle drying rack – This one might seem random but it’s surprisingly necessary if your baby takes his food from bottles instead of boobs. Again, I thought this was totally frivolous but then a few days into life with a new baby we needed bottles so we needed a place to dry them. We ended up with a simple one we found quickly at the store but it would have been nice to have a cute one since it’s always out on display in our kitchen.

What about you? What did you want that you didn’t register for? What surprise gift made you so happy that you jumped for joy? 

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