4 Great 2013 Planners For Busy Moms

I live and breathe by organization.  At least I think I do.  On any given day I may have 2-3 “to-do” lists going, between pads of paper, a notebook, and my phone, I have a paper trail at least a mile long of alt the ways I can create a to-do list.  So for 2013 I resolve to get organized in one central place.  While I love my iPhone, there’s something much more tangible about taking pen to paper and writing down your most pressing items to get accomplished.  So after a bit of research, here are four planners, specifically suited for us moms, that could easily fit the bill and help me get and stay organized in 2013.


1. The Erin Condren Planner features monthly and weekly page formats, with the weekly spread divided into morning, day and night.  Includes colorful stickers to help mark important dates, a “keep it together” folder to wrangle receipts and scraps of important papers to keep, and weekly and monthly goal and to-do lists.  Best part of this planner though is the ability to beautifully customize it with your name and special photo.

2. Mom’s Weekly Planner is an 18 month planner in a weekly format, but with monthly tabs as well.  Each 2 page weekly spread features your “master plan” with columns for each family member to detail important dates and events.

3. MomAgenda Planner helps busy moms manage multiple calendars for your family members.  Neat sections like favorite websites and space for notes on books, music and sports, the Momagenda is both functional and stylish, available in a variety of cover options.

4. Mom’s 24/7 Weekly & Monthly Calendar is perfect if you’d like to save space in your purse and keep the calendar spread out on the wall for all to see in your family.  Use the monthly section to mark important dates, and the weekly section to drill down to the details.

So do you still like to use a classic pen and paper to manage your to-do list, or do you use technology?  Would a planner that you can write in overall be a better option for you, or if you already use a planner, what is your favorite one?

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