2700 Diapers Old: Some Milestones

A week-ish ago, my baby girl, “Pink,” turned 18 months old. (Can you tell she’s my third by how carelessly I let yet another milestone pass me by?) And while I’ve written about how much she’s shifting into toddlerhood before, recently the change has been striking.


Here’s what the most precious, beautiful, hilarious, sweet, smart, clever, adorable, brilliant, cuddly 18-month old on Earth — ok, ok … in our house — is doing.
Diaper Drive

• Walking … and even running. (Given her gross motor delay, this is outrageously exciting for us!)

• Using silverware. (I’m thinking this cute Mickey set might show up under our Christmas tree.)

• Saying “yeah.” Which couldn’t be more welcome a few months after mastering “no.”

• Playing parrot. Yep, she’s mimicking more and more words and we’re eating up that adorable high-pitched voice.

• Playing chase. She loves being “it” finally, and is getting even with her brothers these days.

• Playing ball. This girl loves her dolls, but she’s got a mean left arm.

• Singing. And she won’t have anything to do with the sweet songs of childhood. She’s all about pop music.

• Counting to three (yes, counting!) when we throw her diapers in the trash.

• Going through Huggies like it’s her job. That’s right, they’re on my shopping list every time I head to the store, and I recently estimated that she’s gone through 2700 diapers since she was born. (Yes, really!)

Almost all of these keep me laughing, sighing, and wondering how she got so big so fast. But that last thing has been heavy on my mind lately. (No icky pun intended.) While I mutter under my breath — and hold my breath — when it’s diaper changing time (again), I realize that I’m lucky that it’s just an inconvenience to me. I recently got to know the founder of Help A Mother Out, an organization that delivers diapers to families in need (did you know diapers aren’t covered by food stamps or WIC?), and I so admire that she’s dedicated herself to helping others.

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