25 Best SPRING Books for Babies and Toddlers

Although some of us might still have snow on the ground, the coming of Daylight Saving’s Time means that SPRING is finally headed our way. Lighter jackets, blooming flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass — it’s all coming!

To welcome the new season, here are 25 of the best children’s books to celebrate spring — from classic must-haves to new releases:

  • Best Books for Spring

    Best Books for Spring

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  • Spring: Bright Baby Touch and Feel

    Spring: Bright Baby Touch and Feel

    The perfect Baby’s First Spring book — filled with seasonal photos and sensory pages.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $4.45.

  • Welcome Spring

    Welcome Spring

    Another seasonal board book for the under-two crowd — bright, colorful, and tactile.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $5.39.

  • Baby Loves Spring!

    Baby Loves Spring!

    Fans of Karen Katz will adore this lift-the-flap springtime book — revealing everything that’s beautiful about spring, from baby robins to butterflies.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $6.29.

  • Peter Rabbit’s Springtime

    Peter Rabbit’s Springtime

    Beatrix Potter fans will especially love this pop-up board book about how Peter Rabbit celebrates spring.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble.

  • Kevin Discovers Spring

    Kevin Discovers Spring

    A little boy discovers all the best parts of spring — from mowing grass to going outside without a heavy coat. And with bright, colorful illustrations!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.66.

  • The Tiny Seed

    The Tiny Seed

    A beautiful Eric Carle book about the cycle of planting a flower through the seasons — perfect for the upcoming gardening season, considering you can actually plant the detachable seed-embedded paper.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $6.49.

  • What Will Hatch?

    What Will Hatch?

    Spring is the season of rebirth (as well as the season of Easter Eggs), which is why this book “What Will Hatch?” — illustrating 8 different animals hatching — is so timely.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $7.92.

  • Mossy


    We’re big fans of Jan Brett around here (perhaps most known for “The Mitten”), and “Mossy” is an extraordinarily beautiful story to add to your child’s collection. The story is captivating (about a little turtle with a garden growing on her shell), but the illustrations themselves are the epitome of spring — wildflowers, ferns, birds, butterflies, eggs, feathers, and more from springtime’s nature.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.98.

  • Duck! Rabbit!

    Duck! Rabbit!

    Spring is most associated with two animals, ducks and bunnies, which is why this clever book is simply perfect. Award-winning author Amy Krouse Rosenthal created this optical-illusion book that begs the question, “is it a duck or a rabbit?” One thing’s for sure: you’ll be reading this book over and over again.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $10.61.

  • Green


    A 2013 Caldecott Honor Book, “Green” is an entire book that pays homage to the color of nature and life: GREEN. Finally after a long winter of snowy white, we’ll start to see this beautiful color blossom all around us — but where else can we find the color green?

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $10.61.

  • Good Egg

    Good Egg

    A charming spring-appropriate book that’s interactive — with pull tabs, turning wheels, and flaps that help move the egg. Sure to be a favorite with your young toddler!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $8.95.

  • And Then It’s Spring

    And Then It’s Spring

    After a snowy winter, a little boy anxiously watches the signs that SPRING is finally on its way.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $12.13.

  • Spring Is Here

    Spring Is Here

    The story of a little mole who smells that spring is finally here, but his bear friend is still asleep from his long winter hibernation — wake up! Wake up!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $15.17.

  • Wake Up! Wake Up!: A Springtime Lift-the-Flap Book

    Wake Up! Wake Up!: A Springtime Lift-the-Flap Book

    Lift the flaps while a little ladybug wakes up her friends — a bunny, butterfly, and baby chick — to spread the good news: SPRING is here!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $5.39.

  • Spring


    One of four seasonal board books by Gerda Muller, “Spring” is a wordless picture book that leads children through the joys of springtime.

    Buy from, $8.

  • It’s Spring!

    It’s Spring!

    Another beautifully illustrated story about everything a little boy can do in spring — from running outside without a coat (“I skip and leap and feel light and free/Fresh air rushes all over me”) to jumping in puddles (“I dip my boot in a puddle just to see how deep it is/Swish Swish. Watch this. KER-SPLASH! It’s Spring!”).

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $5.96.

  • Spring Is Here, Corduroy

    Spring Is Here, Corduroy

    Everyone’s favorite overall-wearing bear is featured in this springtime story, which even includes 4 pages of spring stickers!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $4.49.

  • Make Way for Ducklings

    Make Way for Ducklings

    If you don’t have this classic award-winning children’s book yet, the season of ducklings might be the perfect excuse to pick it up.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.86.

  • The Runaway Bunny

    The Runaway Bunny

    Same goes for this best-selling classic. If you don’t have The Runaway Bunny on your bookshelf yet, we’re now entering the season of bunnies!

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.91.

  • The Easter Egg

    The Easter Egg

    Although this stunning Jan Brett book centers around Easter (a little bunny named Hoppi wants to make the best Easter egg so that he can become the Easter Bunny’s special helper), each page is intricately illustrated with everything SPRING — baby birds, flowering vines, rabbits, and pussy willows.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.98.

  • Step Gently Out

    Step Gently Out

    Featuring gorgeous close-up photography, toddlers get a rare close-up look at the type of nature in springtime.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $11.42.

  • Baby Bear Sees Blue

    Baby Bear Sees Blue

    Join Baby Bear as he explores the colorful world of springtime with his mama — from green leaves to blue jays to brown trout.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $13.10.

  • Little White Rabbit

    Little White Rabbit

    One beautiful spring day, a little white rabbit sets out to see what he can see.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $12.13.

  • If You Hold a Seed

    If You Hold a Seed

    This book weaves a beautiful story using planting seeds and blossoming flowers as a metaphor for never giving up on your dreams. This is definitely a book to keep on your child’s bookshelf for years.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $16.95.

  • The Lamb and the Butterfly

    The Lamb and the Butterfly

    This springtime story — featuring Eric Carle’s illustrations — is about what happens when a cautious lamb and an independent butterfly meet.

    Buy from Barnes & Noble, $12.85.


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