24 Delectable Christmas Cookie Recipes

Every year in early December, I embark on a great baking mission. Churning out 10 or more quadruple large batches of cookies is no easy feat, but it’s a laborious tradition that I absolutely LOVE.

I save little boxes and cookie tins that I pick up during my many thrifting excursions throughout each year. I always get a sideways look from whatever friend is with me on these trips, when I snatch a couple of tins in the middle of the summer with slightly crazed glee exclaiming, ‘they’re for my Christmas Cookies!!!’

Guaranteed that friend or family member happily noshes on said cookies come time. Besides, what else would I put out for Santa on Christmas Eve? 

  • Easy recipes for all!

    Easy recipes for all!

    Guess what I’m doing this week?

  • Gingerbread Crackle Cookies

    Gingerbread Crackle Cookies

    These soft, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth classics have been a long-time favourite in my family – they simply must be baked in large batches every year! Our secret? We add finely chopped, candied ginger and chocolate chips to ours.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Buttered Rum Meltways

    Buttered Rum Meltways

    You were sold once you read the title, right? Me too. I haven’t made these before, but something tells me they will become part of my yearly mix.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

    Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

    I love chocolate peppermint anything, so – COME TO MAMA. I’ll be making a few batches of these to spread around.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Russian Tea Cakes

    Russian Tea Cakes

    Another one from my childhood. My granny always made them and I can’t imagine not including them in my own holiday baking.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

    Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

    This one is for the kiddies. Smarties, peanut butter, chocolate pretzels…you can’t go wrong.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Bratseli


    If you have a waffle press, you simply must make these. Wafer thin, crisp and delicious – my polish grandma used to make these every holiday season. I never preferred them when I was a kid to the more rich and chewy cookies she would make – but now, now they are a favourite. Oh, nostalgia.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Walnut Linzer Cookies

    Walnut Linzer Cookies

    Everyone has a favourite linzer cookie, except me I think. I’m looking to rectify that by trying out this new (to me) recipe.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Chewy Amaretti Cookies

    Chewy Amaretti Cookies

    I received these a few times from an Italian friend growing up and as an adult I remembered them fondly. I vowed to try and find a similar recipe and I think I finally have. Another new one I’ll be testing out from one of my favourite food bloggers.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies

    Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies

    This is an easy roll and slice recipe that you can refrigerate for up to a week before slicing and baking or wrap with parchment paper, bag and freeze for up to 3 months! I always make a few easy roll and slice recipes, as they can be made in large batches way ahead of time.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Ginger & Spice Snowflake Cookies

    Ginger & Spice Snowflake Cookies

    I cannot resist the beauty of these. Usually I make cut-out gingerbread men, but I really want to try these out instead.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Snowball Cookies

    Snowball Cookies

    Easy, classic and delicious. I always have a few different snowball cookies to fill out my collection as you have seen by the round-up!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Shortbread Pinwheel Cookies

    Shortbread Pinwheel Cookies

    These classic pinwheel cookies are one of my favourites. Vanilla and chocolate shortbread make a winning combination. Another easy roll, slice and bake recipe.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Snickerdoodles


    Absolutely mandatory.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Orange Spice Holiday Cookies

    Orange Spice Holiday Cookies

    This will be a brand new recipe added to the collection this year, I can’t wait to try it out!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Classic Shortbread

    Classic Shortbread

    There are so may different shortie recipes out there – this is the one my great grandmother made, my mom and now me. There have been a few adaptations to be sure, but I found this one and it’s the exact same as the aged, delicate recipe card that I have. I’m not even sure where the original comes from.
    Get the recipe here!

  • German Chocolate Cookies

    German Chocolate Cookies

    I was looking for something a litte fancier than the traditional chocolate chip cookies I usually make every year and I think I’ve found it.
    Get the recipe here!

  • The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    The Best Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    My favourite kind of sugar cookies are the ones that stay slightly chewy, just like these ones. I’ve had to play around a bit with different recipes over the years – last year was close…but this one hit the mail on the head for me this year. Very easy to handle without a lot of crumbling and falling apart, and cuts beautifully!
    Get the recipe here!

  • Thumbprint Jam Cookies

    Thumbprint Jam Cookies

    Another one that my polish grandma would make every year, except she sprinkled hers with powdered sugar. I don’t think they need it. What’s your favourite thumbprint cookie to make for the holidays?
    Get the recipe here!

  • Rugelach


    Can I be honest here? I’m not a huge fan of these ones – but so many of my family and friends LOVE them, so that’s why I keep making them.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Austrian Raspberry Shortbread

    Austrian Raspberry Shortbread

    These are probably second in line next to my favourite ginger cookies. I simply must make these every year and pass on the deliciousness to everyone I love.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Raspberry & Chocolate Thumbprints

    Raspberry & Chocolate Thumbprints

    Y’all have a least one thumbprint recipe in your holiday cookie arsenal, right? (If you are a baker that is). This recipe is easy and delicious.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Almond Biscotti

    Almond Biscotti

    I always make biscotti, but I switch up the recipe every year. Last year I did decadent chocolate ones, so this year I’m going classic and simple.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Walnut Brownie Cookies

    Walnut Brownie Cookies

    These represent everything that is awesome about Christmas.
    Get the recipe here!

  • Seven Layer Cookies

    Seven Layer Cookies

    I love how daring these ones are, yet surprisingly easy to make. More than a few steps are involved, but nothing complicated. SO delicious.
    Get the recipe here!

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