20 Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

I love the saying, “Collect moments, not things.” It’s a simple statement about the true joys in life — memories made with family, time spent with loved ones, and traditions that hold a happy place in your heart.

With Mother’s Day coming up, I am looking forward to a day spent with my family. More than presents, or “things,” I want a fun day to relax and have fun with my husband and my girls.

Here are 20 ways to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day…

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Click through for 20 ways to enjoy Mother’s Day this year!

  • Let her sleep in

    Let her sleep in

    There is nothing like the gift of sleep! Let mom sleep in this Mother’s Day while you take care of the kids…

  • Breakfast or brunch

    Breakfast or brunch

    While she’s sleeping, whip up something yummy for breakfast or brunch!

  • A hot bath

    A hot bath

    Nothing says “thank you” like a bit of relaxation. Draw a nice, hot bath and let her relax on her special day…

  • Play with the kids

    Play with the kids

    Make sure mom gets some fun time in with the kids – wrestling, playing with art, reading books – any good play time will make mom’s heart happy!

  • Plant a garden

    Plant a garden

    Mother’s Day is the perfect day to plant a garden! Visit your local nursery and pick out some flowers or vegetables to plant with the whole fam…

  • Some pampering

    Some pampering

    Moms want to spend time with their family on Mother’s Day, but an hour of pampering can be nice! Send her away for a pedicure or facial…

  • A day

    A day "off"

    Sure, moms never really take time off, but let her put her feet up on Mother’s Day. No errands, no chores, no “to-dos.”

  • A nice bike ride

    A nice bike ride

    If mom loves to bike, enjoy a nice family ride on Mother’s Day…

  • A family picnic

    A family picnic

    A fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day is with a family picnic! Grab lunch and a blanket and visit a beautiful park for a relaxing Mother’s Day meal…

  • Make something with the kids

    Make something with the kids

    If you are giving a gift, make sure to include something made by the kids! (My first Mother’s Day, my husband had my 7-month-old finger paint a special book. It’s one of my favorite things!)

  • A family dance party

    A family dance party

    Nothing is more fun than a family dance party! Turn on her favorite dancing music and get groovy with the whole gang…

  • Take a nap

    Take a nap

    When the babies are napping, let mom nap, too!

  • A family hike

    A family hike

    I love being outdoors! A family hike sounds like the perfect way to spend a Mother’s Day afternoon…

  • A scavenger hunt

    A scavenger hunt

    This would be fun for the entire family! Take mom on a scavenger hunt around town – to all her favorite places, to spots that hold special memories, etc.

  • Do her least favorite chore

    Do her least favorite chore

    If there’s a chore that mom hates, surprise her and do it for her! Whether it’s scrubbing the toilet or cleaning out the litter box, she’ll be thrilled to not have to do it herself…

  • Look through old photos

    Look through old photos

    A walk down memory lane can be a fun Mother’s Day activity. Look through old photographs of your life together – finding out you were pregnant, giving birth, your babies and certain ages and stages, etc…

  • Surprise her

    Surprise her

    Surprise her with something special and out of the ordinary – a day trip out of town, a gift she’s been wanting, reservations at her favorite restaurant, etc. Surprises are the best!

  • Make her favorite food

    Make her favorite food

    A home-cooked meal can be the best gift of all! Make mom’s favorite food on Mother’s Day…

  • Make a fancy cocktail

    Make a fancy cocktail

    When the kids go to bed, surprise her with a fancy cocktail!

  • Tell her why she's a great mom

    Tell her why she's a great mom

    Most importantly, tell her why she’s a great mom! There’s nothing more meaningful…

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