20 Reasons Why You (Yea YOU Momma) Are Absolutely Beautiful

Without a rolling introduction, I’m just going to get straight to the goods here. Because somewhere – and I’ve yet to have found one specifically like this – we mothers need a list like this.

One to refer to as often as need be. This motherhood journey is the hardest, most beautiful, nerve-wracking thing we’ll ever do. Now pour a cup of whatever you fancy and break off a hunk of dark chocolate from your fridge (I hope you always keep some on hand!) and wrap your brain and heart around each and every one of these reasons. (The salted kind! Have you tried the salted kind?!)

20 Reasons
Straight To Those 20 Reasons…

1.  You are beautiful when you are disgusted and afraid to do something, like tackle a blowout, or wipe down the poo painted walls in the nursery. Or scoop poo from the bathtub. Basically any dealings with poo? You are brave, momma. You are beautiful.

2.  If you string a sentence of words together while drooling, loosing your train of thought mid-sentence, or using misplaced adjectives, congratulations. You are a hot-mess, beautiful, sleep deprived momma. And you are beautiful.

3.  Answering all of those ‘Why?’ questions. You know the constant, ‘Why momma, why?’ questions, makes you patiently beautiful. Sating your little(s) curiosity, even when you make stuff up because you might just blow your gasket – is beautiful.

4.  Your legs? You know, the ones that may sag more than they did before? Or a varicose vein here and there has reared their naughty head(s)? Or the cellulite that no magical cream will ever erase? (So stop wasting your money people!) They are BEAUTIFUL. They really, truly, are. Same goes for your boobs and your belly. Stretch marks, ravaged nipples, what have you. Those are the peaks and the valleys of your journey in motherhood. They arc and bloom. Not sag and whither. That’s how it really is. Beautiful.

5.  You are especially beautiful when you rock out so hard to Sho & The Monkey Bunch, or Sharon Lois & Bram, or Yo Gabba Gabba. Whatever. You are the hottest mom on the block, on your street, in your town, no doubt.

6.  Beauty is belly laughing with your baby when they giggle at what others may think are the piddliest of things. You mean she rolled her tongue at you over and over again, spit flying everywhere? Hilarious! This exchange, your laugher feeding your babies soul, is beautiful.

7.  Beauty is the power and conviction in which you protect your children. No one knows strong like a momma bear.

8.  Beauty is wearing an outfit so FIERCE, (not jersey-style trollop) that when you wear it, all of those hang-ups you have about your rocking mom bod (which is beautiful no matter what anyways, haven’t you been listening?) melt away – with each and every step out the door, leaving your babies with a babysitter for the night. Oh, that is so dang sexy. I can’t even begin to describe it to you. Wait, what are we talking about here? A sexy outfit or hiring a babysitter? Both. Because I know you’re not rocking heels whilst baby-wearing. Most of us anyways.

9.  Humour. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than humour (dark humour must also become your friend) during these early years. Seeing the humour in things instead of getting all stressed out all the time is a very beautiful attribute to have. See that haggard, huffing, puffing, frustrated momma over there? She’s drop dead gorgeous, said no one. Ever.

10.  Respecting other mommas, other parents and their decisions is undeniably beautiful. In fact, it is so gosh darn beautiful that rarely ever is it achieved. But still. Something to think about.

11.  Beauty is your hometown. Your roots. You own it, you’ve got it, you were born with it. Your beauty has evolved and grown and much like a living organism; it breathes, it cries, it laughs, it waits – patiently, for you to embrace and recognize it.

12.  The contours of your face, the sprinkles by your eyes, the lines on either side of your mouth, are beautiful. This face of yours, it shines most especially, free and clear of make-up. First thing in the morning, dark circles and all. Oh, who am I kidding? The face of exhaustion is but a mere few mug-fulls of coffee, dabs of concealer and cheek rouge and swipe of tinted lip balm away.

13.  It is beautiful thing to know when to ask for help. Hire help. Work from home. Stay at home. Work out of the home. Whatever your scene. Hire a nanny, hire a house-cleaner. Delegate. Beauty is not taking on a roll of intense martyrdom as a mother. Well, mostly. I’m not talking about Mother Tereasa, I’m talking about you.

14.  Beauty is having faith in your partner’s capability to parent.

15.  Beauty is trusting your partner as a parent and a partner.

16.  Beauty is making sacrifices as a parent. It is supremely beautiful to not even look at them as sacrifices in the first place.

17.  Breastfeeding is beautiful. NOT sexy. Beautiful. Happening anywhere, anytime? Not voyeuristic. Necessary and beautiful in the face of those who think it is sexy or voyeuristic.

18.  Beauty is rolling in the grass, uninhibited, with you child(ren). It is running through the sprinkler, reading books upon books, getting down on your hands and knees with them; soaking up deep sprawling, endless mounts of time with your babies.

19.  Beauty is the patience with which you discipline your children, even when you falter and are less than you want to be. Babies and toddlers are a heady, intense mix of the terrible and the joyful. They wreak havoc on your body, mind and soul. And they are so worth it. So it is also beautiful when you don’t beat yourself up over loosing your patience now and then. You are human. You feel. You are beautiful.

20.  Beauty is recognizing that having a child does NOT mean your life is no longer your own. (I saw this quote by an author I can’t find, and boy did that ruffle my feathers). I mean, in some ways yes. But surely not all. It means that your life is vastly richer, far more different, complicated and more challenging, sure – but don’t ever let go of the parts of who you were before that add to the awesomeness that is you as a mother. (Unless it’s for the better). Please, whatever you do, don’t do that. Let all the complexities of the you before motherhood and the you that is now, let them them grow together. They’ll merge eventually, you’ll find your way. If you give yourself space. If you shut out the voices that tell you you’re doing it wrong. Behave like a woman and mother who is an intelligent, compassionate, nurturing safe-house who cherishes her children and herself. As a woman. As a mother. THAT is pure beauty. #LawsOfModernMan be damned.

Top Image Credit: Red Works Studio (that’s me!)

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