15 Fantastic DIY Christmas Stockings

When my husband and I first got married we made stockings for our first Christmas together: one for me, one for him and one for our dog Marley. Apparently we failed to consider making extras for future offspring. Ooops. Well, it’s no matter, it just gives me an excuse to DIY some new stockings this year, and you can be sure I’ll be making extras this time! In my search for stocking inspiration I came across quite a few cute Christmas stocking tutorials and I thought I’d share my favorites here with you. Happy crafting!

  • 15 Fantastic DIY Christmas Stockings

    15 Fantastic DIY Christmas Stockings

    Sometimes you have the perfect stocking in mind to make your Christmas special, but you just can’t seem to find it. This is where a “Do It Yourself!” type attitude (and some fantastic tutorials!) come in handy. If you’re looking for a more personalized take on Christmas stockings this year, look no further than these great DIY Christmas stocking tutorials to get you inspired!

  • DIY Sweater Stockings

    DIY Sweater Stockings

    Dana of Made has all kinds of fantastic tutorials on her site and these cozy sweater stockings are just one of them! A great option for having coordinating stockings that aren’t overly “matchy matchy”.

    Tutorial from Dana Willard of Made

  • DIY Wool Felt Stockings

    DIY Wool Felt Stockings

    Felt stockings are classic Christmas in my opinion and I love the modern, graphic take on the holly thats used as embellishment – it totally makes the stocking!

    Tutorial from Jess Roy of Roy Joy

  • Chic Grey Stockings

    Chic Grey Stockings

    If your aesthetic is a bit more streamlined and simple, these stockings could be a great project for you. I love how she jazzed them up with sweet and simple detailing.

    Tutorial from His and Hers blog

  • Upcycled  Monogram Stockings

    Upcycled Monogram Stockings

    These are similar to my own DIY stockings this year in that I used old suiting found from a thrift store for the base – much cheaper than wool fabric from the fabric store and more environmentally conscious to boot! I love the button monograms – I may have to adapt them for my own stockings.

    Tutorial by Alicia Paulson from her book “Stitched In Time” from Cut Out and Keep

  • Swedish Stockings

    Swedish Stockings

    Even if you’re not Swedish, who could resist the charm of these adorable DIY dala horse stockings? So cute!

    Tutorial by Jennie B. Harris from Allsorts

  • Pendleton Stockings

    Pendleton Stockings

    A great step-by-step tutorial to help you make the stockings of your dreams – you don’t have to use Pendleton fabric, but these look pretty great.

    Tutorial Brett Bara from Design Sponge

  • Gold Triangle Stockings

    Gold Triangle Stockings

    A graphic modern take on stockings can be just as pretty as something more traditional – just look at these beauties!

    Tutorial by Kersey Campbell from Ardor

  • Quilted Stockings

    Quilted Stockings

    If you have quilting skills, break ‘em out and quilt up some cute and coordinating stockings like these.

    Tutorial by Camille Roskelley from Simplify

  • Quilted Triangles Stockings

    Quilted Triangles Stockings

    Classic quilting meets modern graphics in a match made in Christmas stocking heaven.

    Tutorial by Ellen Luckett Baker from The Long Thread

  • Burlap Stockings

    Burlap Stockings

    If your decor is a little more shabby chic, why not go with burlap stockings? The fabric is cheap and with small little extra details they look simply lovely.

    Tutorial by Ashley from Make It and Love It

  • Buttoned-Up Sweater Stockings

    Buttoned-Up Sweater Stockings

    Put those old, ill-fitting sweaters to good use by turning them into adorable stockings!

    Tutorial by Kelly from Imperfect Homemaking

  • Plywood Stockings

    Plywood Stockings

    These awesome, sleek and minimal stockings were crafted by Disney Baby’s very own Erin Loechner and I love them! These are so fun and unexpected and would last year after year.

    Tutorial by Erin Loechner from HGTV’s Design Happens

  • Monogram Stockings

    Monogram Stockings

    Sweet and simple monograms take these stockings up a notch.

    Tutorial by Marisa Edghill from Oh My Handmade

  • Silhouette Stockings

    Silhouette Stockings

    Capture the likeness of your loved ones in stocking form with these genius silhouette stockings.

    Tutorial by Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola from Celebrations

  • Paper Bag Stockings

    Paper Bag Stockings

    Who knew such cute stockings could come from such humble beginnings as that of a paper bag. So clever!

    Tutorial by Susie and Heidi Bauer from Rock Scissor Paper

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