Why I Love Baskets the Most for Toy Organization

For the longest time, when we parents needed toy organization and corralling, we turned to the traditional “toy chest.” A large wooden box with a hinged top, often times handed down from sibling to sibling or even through the generations, toy chests were a wonderful way to hold all the many things that seem to come along with having children. For my first two, they shared one large, white wooden toy box for years, until the day the hinge gave out and we decided it would work as a great holder of balls and sports equipment in the garage. Now that our third baby has arrived, it seems that we’ve gravitated towards baskets and bins to corral the multitude of toys, and they have quickly become my favorite way to organize. Here’s why.

  • Baskets Are Best!

    Baskets Are Best!

    Found in almost every room of our house now, click through to see why I have grown so fond of these decorative, yet very functional containers.

  • Easy Access

    Easy Access

    As opposed to a toy chest with a lid that has to be pried open, baskets are open air containers that allow even the tiniest of hands to peek inside and dig around for their toy of choice. It gives my baby some independence and freedom in choosing what attracts him, and it frees up my hands a bit when they have to be busy doing other things, like cooking dinner.

  • Toys Don't Get Lost

    Toys Don't Get Lost

    Because, for the most part, baskets are all on the relatively small side, toys and beloved objects don’t get hidden or trapped at the bottom. Even my baby can dig everything out of a basket to find the toy he wants.

  • Quick & Easy Clean Up

    Quick & Easy Clean Up

    Because they are small, they also allow for quick and easy clean up. We play with one basket at a time, and since they can only hold so many toys, messes are quick and easy to pick up.

  • Tucked in Corners All Around

    Tucked in Corners All Around

    We keep a basket of toys in the living room, one in the dining room area, and a few in each kid’s room. There’s no need to make room for a big toy chest because you can get a basket for any size need and just tuck them in little corners of the house. These cute baskets are neutral so I can use them in any room of the house, but right now they are kept in Hayden’s nursery to hold toys next to his crib, and even books, in lieu of a bookshelf!

  • Designs to Match Every Style & Color

    Designs to Match Every Style & Color

    Even the big kids have a basket (or two) in their room. This one’s my favorite, and holds my 6-year-old son’s collection of helmets, face masks, swords, and shields. Again, they allow for quick and easy clean up by the kids, so Mom doesn’t have to do all the work.

  • Organize By Type of Toy

    Organize By Type of Toy

    My daughter is 8 but still can’t bear to part with her dress-up clothes, even though she hardly dresses up anymore. That’s okay — I want to encourage her to hold onto that innocence for as long as possible, so I have a basket designated for old crowns, tiaras, wands and hats that she may not play with as often as she used to, but are still an important part of her childhood.

  • No Basket?  No Problem!

    No Basket? No Problem!

    The other day, I cleaned out my girl’s room and decided we needed to better organize her collection of stuffed animals, so they were no longer piled in a heap on her bed. But, I had run out of baskets! No fear, an over-sized wicker beach bag served just as well, and now rests in the corner of her room, where her stuffed animals are readily available for play, but aren’t making a mess on her bed each day. So what’s your favorite way to organize?

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