What Is Your Bedtime Routine?

Our naptime/bedtime routine has morphed a little over the last two years as my daughter has grown older, but there have certainly been consistent elements.

We always have:

  • A story (in the past it’s been a book, but in the last couple of weeks, my daughter has become obsessed with having a story told to her – I usually try to foist this off on my husband because he is much better at coming up with original tales than I am. Give me a book that I can just read from any day of the week).
  • A song (or two), while rocking in the rocking chair
  • A big hug and a kiss (it’s so delightful to have her return these now!)
  • A little lamb for her to sleep with
  • A pacifier
  • Two blankets

And we sometimes have:

  • A last sip of water
  • A few pats on the stomach
  • One or more of the huge assortment of stuffed animals we own
  • The short ribbon that attaches her bumper to her crib – she often likes to hold it in her hand and rub it with her fingers
Baby in Crib

Sometimes, of course, bedtime is a nice, loving ending to the day, and sometimes it can feel like one more hurdle to jump through before your child FINALLY goes to sleep, but most of the time, I’m glad for these sweet few moments with a snuggly toddler.

What does your bedtime routine look like?

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