Top 10 Baby Nursery Colors

Choosing a color for your baby nursery walls is an important first step and it can be a difficult decision for expectant parents.

According to Barbara Richardson, Director of Color Marketing at Glidden, “We should remember that the wall color sets the stage for the room. It gives us a canvas to personalize as much or as little as we’d like in the rest of the space. It’s the main ingredient and we still need to add seasonings of fabric and accessories to create the entire masterpiece of a space in which our little ones will grow, learn and blossom.”

So Richardson hand-picked 10 top colors for your nursery room walls:

  • 10 Best Baby Room Colors

    10 Best Baby Room Colors

    Richardson chose a mix of classic baby colors and unexpected modern hues to create a personalized space that can grow with Baby. These are her top picks to create a soothing, timeless space.

  • 1. Celery Sticks

    1. Celery Sticks

    This soft, soothing green is a popular pick for unisex nurseries or those wanting a more neutral palette.

  • 2. Bubblegum Pink, 3. Iced Purple

    2. Bubblegum Pink, 3. Iced Purple

    Whether used together or alone, this is an example of a more traditional route for your baby’s room. For those parents looking for a girly pink color, this Bubblegum Pink has the ability to grow with your child (without screaming “baby”) and is more calming than a bright pink.

  • 4. Spring Bluebell, 5. Early Morning Yellow

    4. Spring Bluebell, 5. Early Morning Yellow

    While both colors can work beautifully alone, either could be an accent wall as well. The purple/blue Spring Bluebell might not immediately come to your mind as a baby room color, but its bold, gender-straddling hue just might add a happy pop of color to the room. And of course yellow is a popular choice to create a sunny space, and this shade is more golden sunshine than neon highlighter.

  • 6. Sweet Baby Boy

    6. Sweet Baby Boy

    The perfect color for parents looking to create a calming, breezy space for Baby. And although light blue is a classic baby room color, this shade also has the flexibility to adapt and compliment your child’s changing interests as he or she gets older.

  • 7. Sweet Baby Girl, 8. Walnut

    7. Sweet Baby Girl, 8. Walnut

    A more muted pastel pink than the aforementioned “Bubblegum Pink,” “Sweet Baby Girl” is the perfect pair for a more modern “Walnut” accent — which is another good baby choice when paired with the right colors, fabrics, and accents.

  • 9. Mint Shake, 10. Rich Navy

    9. Mint Shake, 10. Rich Navy

    Trendy yet classic, both colors can be used on their own, or on a statement wall along with a more neutral palette.

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