To Infinity and Beyond: Our Space Nursery

With the unexpected early arrival of our son Judah, we thought we’d have a few more weeks to finish his nursery. Turns out, we’d finally finish it a couple of weekends ago. From rockets and robots, we decked out his nursery in all things space, with plenty of retro touches.

Click through to see all of Judah’s out-of-this-world space nursery!

  • Blast Off to Baby's Nursery!

    Blast Off to Baby's Nursery!

    Looking for inspiration for boys nursery ideas? Click on through to take a tour of our space themed nursery. Spaceships, robots and plenty of geeky space decor ahead!

  • In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

    This room used to be our guest room, and was already conveniently painted blue when we found out we were having a boy. From our spaceship mobile to hand-drawn space details around the room, we went all out for Judah.

  • Robot and Rocket Rug

    Robot and Rocket Rug

    This was definitely a splurge for us, but when we saw this rocket and robot rug, we couldn’t resist!

  • Dreaming Under the Stars

    Dreaming Under the Stars

    With our spaceship mobile (thanks Nana and PopPop!), custom retro space crib sheets and skirt, and hand painted stars on the ceiling, Judah can dream under the stars all night long.

  • Retro Space Crib Sheets

    Retro Space Crib Sheets

    A closeup of our custom-made crib bedding. More rockets and robots, courtesy of our friend Nicole!

  • Hand Lettered Custom Name Print

    Hand Lettered Custom Name Print

    This was a very special gift from Larry to our son. Judah’s name has been hand lettered by the amazing artist Sean McCabe, specifically to match our nursery theme.

    You can see more of Sean’s work and read all about the special process of creating this print at Sean’s website here.

  • The Cuddliest Robot

    The Cuddliest Robot

    A sweet little robot lovey sits on the corner of Judah’s crib. When he’s past 12 months, he’ll be able to snuggle up with it his crib, so for now, it’s decoration.

  • A Dual Purpose Bookcase

    A Dual Purpose Bookcase

    We keep Judah’s books on display while organizing some of his other things, like toys, linens, bath and miscellaneous items in each linen storage cube.

  • A Tribute to Space's Greatest Hits

    A Tribute to Space's Greatest Hits

    From Doctor Who to The Little Prince, science-fiction nerds like us had to go for the geeky space touches in his room.

  • "The Universe is big..."

    A hand painted quote from Doctor Who, one very apropos to Judah’s story:

    “The Universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen. And we call them miracles.”

  • Blast Off!

    Blast Off!

    My labor of love in this nursery: Judah’s very own rocket and robot mural, painted by yours truly.

  • The Command Center

    The Command Center

    More space touches throughout the rest of the nursery, including his changing station, nightstand and glider.

  • Judah's Robot Nightlight

    Judah's Robot Nightlight

    How cute is this lamp? Our friend Jeannette got us this cute robot lamp with separate light up eyes and a matching chevron lampshade!

  • Take Me to Your Leader

    Take Me to Your Leader

    A hand-made robot blanket that drapes the glider, a gift from our friend Cait!

  • Organization in Action

    Organization in Action

    With Judah’s reflux, it’s not worth it to have a changing pad cover, so we keep our wipes handy. This changing station makes diaper changes a breeze with everything right in reach.

  • Believe in Magic

    Believe in Magic

    A special gift from Nana straight from Walt Disney World: the 2013 Mickey Mouse doll. Judah’s first Mickey watches over him from the top of the changing station.

  • To the Moon and Back

    To the Moon and Back

    All of Judah’s clothes are organized in linen bins, a dark blue with light blue contrast handles to match his room.

  • A Lunar Adventure

    A Lunar Adventure

    This neat, retro inspired “Lunar Adventures” poster is made by artist Steve Thomas. The rocket and planet growth chart hangs over the door and cleverly folds up so we can take it with us wherever we go!

  • To Infinity and Beyond!

    To Infinity and Beyond!

    All around the room, I hand drew all sorts of little space details, like this tribute to Sputnik, as well as planets, moons, aliens, spaceships and more.

  • Announcing Our Newest Cadet

    Announcing Our Newest Cadet

    Even though it’s not space themed, we had to save the birth announcement from the hospital from the day Judah was born.

  • To Boldly Grow...

    To Boldly Grow...

    Aunt Jasmine got Judah this adorable folding keepsake growth chart. Now we won’t have to take the door with us if we ever move ;)

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