The Nursery: Why It’s My Favorite Room

Vivi’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in my house. Partly because it’s the one room in the house no one else is allowed to mess up and also because I was never able to have a proper nursery for Addie (we shared a bedroom until 7 months, whew.) It’s also filled with some of my most favorite pieces of art, photos and toys. I spent my entire pregnancy finding the most perfect handmade things to fill her room with and I love that nearly everything in her room has a story.

I was so worried about finding the right theme and color scheme for her room until I realized handmade was the most perfect theme of all.

Half of Vivi's Room

Even now, 15 months later I don’t feel as though it’s truly complete. There’s still plenty of places for art, photographs and little wooden toys. The chair in the corner of her room was actually mine; my dad made it for me when I was little. I spent hours sitting in her room while I was still pregnant, partly because my favorite chair was in there and it allowed me to sleep sitting up and also because I couldn’t believe that all of it was really happening. I was finally pregnant after six years, we had a home, my baby would have her very own room and her room was filled with the most magical things. Not to mention the light in Vivi’s room is spectacular, so many of my most favorite pictures of her have been taken in her room.

Addie Reading to Vivi

When we moved into our house (our very first) the front bedroom was a toy room, which was spectacular in and of itself. A whole room to play in and contain toys? Yes please! I never said “One day this will be a baby’s room,” because I never knew if that one day would come. I may have been a little pushy about getting her room set up, sorry Cody. But as soon as it was, it finally felt real. Once there was a crib and a changing table and tiny little clothes folded in her drawers I could finally let myself believe that there was going to be a baby, my baby. Her room is filled with so many memories, so many late nights have been spent snuggling a tiny little baby and there are so many more days ahead of playing, naps, snuggling and hanging out in her first bedroom in our first house.

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