Soothe Your Baby with Nemo

Before I actually had a baby, I assumed certain things that turned out to be bogus. Like, for instance, not thinking I’d need blinking lights and music to soothe my child — that wind-propelled handmade Etsy mobiles would be enough. Or that play gyms were a waste of money.

And now let me tell you the real 3 truths:

1. Soothing music

2. Bouncing/moving/spinning colorful toys

3. Movement, like swinging or rocking or vibrating

When it comes to calming a baby, these three things are everything.

So if I had a piece of baby gear that would accomplish at least one out of three, I cherished it. AND if it was cute? Loved it even more.


Fisher-Price Finding Nemo Undersea Adventure Gym, $64.99

You guys, I loved my baby gym almost as much as my baby did. And this one has a “kick and play” feature, with rattles and clackers and up to 20 minutes of continuous music (as well as an “off” button).

Fisher-Price Nemo’s Soothing Seas Soother, $39.99

We actually had a Fisher-Price soother that we attached to his crib, and it was quite helpful during many a late-night cries. This one has two modes: ocean sounds or relaxing music, both offering up to 20 minutes of non-stop play. And it features NEMO!

What are YOUR must-have baby products?

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