8 Shared Spaces You’ll Be Smitten Over

Hello Disney Baby! Many of you may have followed me over on Babble’s Being Pregnant. But now that I have welcomed baby no. 5, sweet Grayson, I will now be blogging over here. YAY! Super-excited. 

One of the dilemmas some may come across as new parents is where is that baby going to go in small spaces? For many, when you have more than one child they may have to double-up early on. But, these days with never-ending Pinterest inspiration and a load of wonderful nursery sites to browse it is simple and easy to create a beautiful shared space for your new bundle and sibling or, in my case siblings. Quite honestly, my Littles think it’s fun when they snuggle up in their rooms together. It may even work out better than you think when it comes to sharing rooms! Hey, even if you have the room it may be a good idea to create extra space by having them bunk up together. After you see these oh-so-pretty rooms you will see why.

After the jump, browse some pretty fabulous spaces you will be just smitten over. Disclaimer: Major eye-candy ahead. 

  • Bright and Oh-So-Chic

    Bright and Oh-So-Chic

    Not only is this one amazing nursery with two cribs, it works as a gorgeous and open playroom too.
    Image Credit: Rockstar Diaries

  • Preppy Navy + Green Transition Room

    Preppy Navy + Green Transition Room

    Creating a space that can easily transition from the crib to a big boy bed but can also be a place where they can grow as they get older too.
    Image Credit: Project Junior

  • Daybed Love

    Daybed Love

    A daybed is even better than a chair. It works as an extra space for a sibling or the perfect place for you to cuddle up and read with your Little.
    Image Source: Design Sponge

  • Perfect Pair

    Perfect Pair

    When you have a small space, creating a color scheme like these calm and cool hues make it a beautiful room to grow up in. It works for both an older sibling and a newborn.
    Image Source: Project Nursery

  • A Simple Shared Nursery

    A Simple Shared Nursery

    By choosing a minimalistic color theme like this room, it will be easy for the children to grow up in and change items as they get older. It is the perfect space for a toddler bed and crib.

    Image Source: Coos and Ahhs

  • Guest Room Nursery

    Guest Room Nursery

    Maybe you only have one child, so why not share the space with a guest if you have a small home? Make the most of your space!
    Image Source: Spearmint Baby

  • Bonus Room To Nursery and Guest Room

    Bonus Room To Nursery and Guest Room

    Another great example of how a bonus room in a small home became a guest room and nursery too. Sometimes you just have to make the most of your space and this room defintely defines it.
    Image Source: HGTV

  • Go Bigger

    Go Bigger

    What a beautiful room with an heirloom feel! A great tip for a shared space: a bigger bed! This way Mom and Dad can take a rest too.
    Image Credit: Project Nursery


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