Roar! My Favorite Lion King Items

My toddler doesn’t have much of an attention span for movies yet, but she loves the first twenty minutes of The Lion King, when all of the animals congregate for the presentation of baby Simba. I think she’d be happy to watch that opening scene a hundred times in a row, shouting out the animals as they appear (“Elephants! Zebras! Giraffes!”).

So, of course, anything in our house with Simba on it is a big hit. Here are some of our favorite items featuring the little lion cub:

  • Deluxe Nursing Pillow

    I’ve used other nursing pillows before and this is by far the best one I’ve tried. I love that it’s thick enough to really support my baby, and that it hits that tricky balance of stiff enough to hold its shape and soft enough to be comfortable. Plus the cover is washable (a must for most babies, I’d think!).

    Available from Babies R Us

  • Simba Shoes

    These soft little shoes are perfect for a chilly day or to protect your baby’s feet outside.

    Available at the Disney Store

  • PJ Pal

    For some reason, I wasn’t a big fan of two-piece pajamas until we bought some for my two year old on an enormous clearance. Now they are my favorite – so easy to get on and off AND they make your little baby look like a real person! – and I’m sad we only own three sets.

    Available at the Disney Store

  • Simba Security Blanket

    My daughter has a rotating set of stuffed animals she likes to sleep with, but her security blanket (half blankie, half stuffed animal) is a constant.

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Pacifier

    My dad’s a dentist, so I’m always trying not to let him down by ruining his grandbabies’ teeth. The orthodontic design on these pacifiers are the perfect answer for our little girls (who are really into pacifiers).

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Grow an Inch Bodysuit

    I love that these babysuits grow with your baby! I feel like in the last four months, I’ve spent way too much time rotating clothing in and out of my baby’s dresser. The clever design of these means they can stick around for many months!

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Lion King Lamp

    I love using a soft table lamp at night as I get my girls ready for bed, rather than the brightness of an overhead lamp. It helps them start to wind down and quietly cues bedtime.

    Available at The Disney Store

  • Stuffed Simba

    I never fail to be surprised by how MUCH my toddler loves her stuffed animals. In the morning, I love coming in to see how she’s carefully arranged them all in her crib. This Simba one is the perfect size – not too big, but not too tiny either, at eleven inches.

    Available at The Disney Store

  • Sleep & Play

    There is almost nothing I loved more than a little baby snuggled into jammies. This unisex pair is just darling and made of cozy cotton.

    Available from Disney Baby

  • Diaper Stacker

    Diapers are hard to handle, aren’t they? I feel like it’s a constant battle to keep them both close at hand, but not taking over the nursery. This clever holder accomplishes both tasks!

    Available at the Disney Store

  • Premier Cozy Coo Sway Seat

    I credit this plush sway seat for getting us through the first two months of our baby’s life – she slept wonderfully in this (thanks to the white-noise button and the gentle swaying of the seat). Now we keep it in our family room, because the height means she can more easily watch what’s going on around her!

    Available at Babies R Us

  • Stretchie Sleeper

    I love the bright pink contrast trim on these snuggly jammies!

    Available at The Disney Store

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