Blast Off to Our Retro Space Nursery Theme!

Hi there! I’m Keiko Zoll: writer, all-around nerd and a soon-to-be new mom. I’m thrilled to join the Disney Baby blog team and can’t wait to share these last few months of pregnancy and memorable moments with our new baby boy, due in late June. Nursery decorating is in full swing at our house with our retro space nursery theme: think 1950’s vintage vision of the world of tomorrow. As we get ready to blast off into parenthood, take a peek at all the retro space ideas and inspiration for our kitschy nursery theme!

  • Retro Space Nursery Theme

    Retro Space Nursery Theme

    To infinity and beyond: blast off into our baby boy’s retro inspired space nursery!

  • Inspired by Tomorrowland

    Inspired by Tomorrowland

    Tomorrowland is our favorite spot in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Using this as our starting point, we worked our way back in time for more retro space themed ideas.

    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Retro Space Rocket Fabric

    Retro Space Rocket Fabric

    As soon as we saw this Retro Rocket Fabric by Monaluna, we were in love. Our crib bedding will be custom-made with this delightful organic fabric!

  • Vintage Tin Robot Toy

    Vintage Tin Robot Toy

    Robot tin toys of the 1940’s and 1950’s give our retro space nursery theme a whimsical twist.

    Photo by Florence Ivy via Flickr.

  • Retro Space Kids Fabric

    Retro Space Kids Fabric

    We love this vintage inspired space cadet fabric: cute, retro and cheeky!

  • Vintage Tomorrowland

    Vintage Tomorrowland

    “It’s a great big, beautiful tomorrow!” Taking inspiration from Walt Disney’s classic Tomorrowland attractions.

    Photo by Adam Campbell via Flickr.

  • 1950s Science Fiction Covers

    1950s Science Fiction Covers

    Old science fiction anthologies provided a ton of great images and inspiration, like this 1952 copy of “Imagination” magazine.

    Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Vintage Tin Robot Toys

    Vintage Tin Robot Toys

    More vintage tin robot toys give us ideas on how to work highlight colors of gold and silver into our decor.

    Photo by Jeff Doe via Flickr.

  • Vintage Space Book Covers

    Vintage Space Book Covers

    We loved the big, bold look of old outer space and science texts from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    Photo by Joe Haupt via Flickr.

  • Retro Space Nursery Color Palette

    With muted blue for the walls and bright white trim that pops, we opted for classic gold and silver accent colors.

    Click here to see all of my retro space nursery theme inspiration over at Pinterest!

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