Real Nursery Tour: A Shared Room for Baby and Toddler

Are you familiar with Merrick of Merrick’s Art? She writes a popular lifestyle blog focused on sewing and style, and is a fine arts painter.

She also happens to be my sister. (If you saw our sewing abilities side-by-side, you would doubt this claim. You’d be even more dubious if you saw me try to paint anything).

Of course, between her artistic skills and her sewing talents, you’d expect the nursery she created for her little boys to share to be pretty darling. And you’d be right!

Click through to see all the fun details:

  • Shared Bedroom

    Shared Bedroom

    A toddler bed and a crib take up most of the space in this room, so Merrick was careful not to overload the room with other stuff.

  • Dresser


    A big dresser is a must when you have two little people in one room. The white knobs are a nice finishing touch.

  • Crib


    A dark crib makes a nice contrast to the light gray walls.

  • Bike Bumpers

    Bike Bumpers

    Merrick made these bumpers too (watch for this bicycle print to show up in other parts of the room. It’s fun, but it’s not overpowering).

  • Crib Skirt

    Crib Skirt

    Merrick made this crib skirt. Because it’s straight, rather than ruffly, it has a nice masculine look.

  • Monogrammed Crib Pillow

    These are an easy DIY project that really personalize a room (they’d be great on a master bed too!)

    Tutorial for making your own here

  • Monogram Pillows

    Monogram Pillows

    These monogram pillows are a great modern touch, using her boys’ initials.

  • Pillows


    Here’s the bicycle print fabric showing up on the toddler bed too, as a pillow rather than bumpers.

  • Animal Figures

    Animal Figures

    These plastic animals, bought for a buck each, were covered in spray paint for a bright contrast to the mainly-neutral room.

  • Piggy Bank

    Piggy Bank

    Every room needs a little shine – this piggy bank is perfect!

  • Toddler Bed

    Toddler Bed

    A toddler bed is great for a shared room because it’s the same length as a crib.

  • Baskets


    Baskets under the bed provide easy access to toys and a quick way to clean up when it’s time for bed.

  • Train Art

    Train Art

    Merrick saw a similar painting in a restaurant a couple of years ago and created her own version for her vehicle-loving little guy.

  • Mini Gallery Wall

    Mini Gallery Wall

    Two photos (one of the toddler, one of pregnant Merrick), an alphabet print, and two watercolors done by the toddler make a perfect little gallery display.

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