“Prints Charming” | 20+ Mother and Child Nursery Art Prints

Mother’s Day is upon us! Celebrate the bond between mother and child with these beautiful art prints. Hung in Baby’s nursery, they add a loving touch to existing décor. Any of these lovely prints will make a wonderful gift for current moms and mommies-to-be. Which one will you choose?

  • 20+ Mother & Child Art Prints

    20+ Mother & Child Art Prints

    Display your love for your baby with any of these mother and child nursery art prints. Click through to find the one right for you.

  • Mama Mermaid and Twins

    Mama Mermaid and Twins

    Even under the sea, Mom’s love is unconditional. This sweet print features twins. Many other color variations are available in the shop, including adopted family prints!

    Mermaid mother and twins available from ThePaperNut.

  • Carry Me

    Carry Me

    This simple print adds a great pop of color. Add it to Baby’s nursery for a fresh and modern touch.

    Mother’s Love available from HappyDoodleLand .

  • I Got Your Back

    I Got Your Back

    Second to being carried in Mom’s arms, the best way to get around is a piggy-back ride from Mama. This bear mother and child duo are great for a woodsy themed nursery.

    Bear, I Got Your Back available from MyZoetrope.

  • Mommy Bird

    Mommy Bird

    A little birdie told me, “I’ll always protect you”. Fun colorful patterns add great texture and fun details.

    Art Birds available from LilyCole.

  • Bear Hug

    Bear Hug

    Baby bear gets lost in a great big bear hug from its Mama bear. Colorful and full of love!

    We Are Strong available from zukzuk.

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    This ballerina mother passes on her love of dancing to her little daughter. Shop offers a beautiful and diverse mix of mothers to suit your family.

    Ballerina Mother and Daughter available from ThePaperNut.

  • Elephants on Parade

    Elephants on Parade

    So bright! So cheery! Mama elephant leads her baby through a beautiful and whimsical scene.

    Baby Elephant and Mother available from Sascalia.

  • Mammasaurus


    Don’t let her scales fool you, she’s just as loving as any mom out there.

    Hi Mama available from malathip.

  • Giraffe Love

    Giraffe Love

    A giraffe mother’s love reaches great heights! An adorable illustration with fabulous colors will be a great addition to a giraffe lover’s nursery.

    Giraffes available from ratafia.

  • Hold My Hand

    Hold My Hand

    No matter how small our babies grow up to be, they’ll never outgrow our hearts. A sweet print with a sweet message.

    My Little Girl available from dazeychic.

  • Indian Amma

    Indian Amma

    This gorgeous print gives a whole new meaning to “nesting mother”. Exotic details and vivid colors make this a great print for an eclectic nursery.

    Matryoshka Indian Mothers and Daughters available from AmyPerrotti.

  • Cuddle Time

    Cuddle Time

    Baby Panda peeks out from over Mama Panda’s shoulder in this precious print.

    Cuddle Time available from ArtChiz.

  • Ice, Ice Baby

    Ice, Ice Baby

    What’s black and white and cute all over? This cool print!

    Arch of the Penguins available from MANvsGEORGE.

  • Techy Mom

    Techy Mom

    Tech and nerd moms unite! This robot mom and baby are out of this world. This is actually a card but would look awesome framed. Available in pink too!

    Robot Mother’s Day card available from PinkPomPaperBoutique.

  • Sea How Much I Love You

    Sea How Much I Love You

    Mom “whale always love you”, no doubt about that.

    This graphic is hand transferred onto wood and framed.

    Mom/Dad and Baby Whale available from joeyandjude.

  • Mama Bear and Baby

    Mama Bear and Baby

    Soft colors and soft features make for a soothing art print.

    Mama and Baby Bear available from KelliMurrayArt.

  • Bunny Hugs

    Bunny Hugs

    Even if these little guys are a handful, they have Mom’s unconditional love.

    The Boys available from amberalexander.

  • Blooming Love

    Blooming Love

    A mother’s love is always blooming and in season. Mom’s love of flowers and her baby come together in this stunning image.

    Floral Baby and Mamma available from BeWildandFree.

  • Chevron Snail

    Chevron Snail

    Remember to slow down and enjoy your days with Baby. They grow up much too quickly!

    Hello Snail available from DeliveredByDanielle.

  • Hold Me Close

    Hold Me Close

    Cuddle up with Baby for a sweet moment together.

    Us available from ohhellodear.

Which is your favorite?


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