Our Night Sky Nursery

Cadence is 6-months-old now and I am still in love with his nursery. I am really excited to see the room transform as he grows, too. We chose a “midnight sky” theme for the nursery and incorporated all kinds of fun sky/space/night details into the room. Our son ADORES it and we thought you might too! Here is a slideshow of our favorite details from his Night Sky Nursery…

  • Our Nursery

    Our Nursery

    We wanted a room that was both soothing and entertaining for our son, but also visually appealing for us. We chose to go with a “midnight sky” theme since I love astronomy. We made the light up canvas ourselves by pushing little LED lights through the back of a simple craft store canvas. And we made the mobile from garland that reminded us of little green moons. Our son would stare at that thing for hours if we let him!

  • Our Little Star

    Our Little Star

    We keep that window open most the time to bathe the room in natural light but when we need it dark, those thick navy curtains get the job done. That little wire own was a gift from my mom and it is covered in tiny twinkle lights. It’s a great night light.

  • Details, Details

    Details, Details

    Our son’s name is Cadence Archer so we put an arrow (Archer) and a drum stick (Cadence) in this little vase as a nod to his name. Those vintage NASA matchbooks were a gift and the chameleon is from my old beanie baby collection. (Anyone else have one of those?!) The decal was too perfect so we just had to add it in.

  • Spell it Out

    Spell it Out

    Our friend gifted us these wooden blocks that have letters on one side and the manual alphabet in American Sign Language on the other. I’m obsessed with them and used them to spell out things all through the room.

  • A Little Library

    A Little Library

    At my baby shower, guests brought their favorite baby book with little messages written to our son inside. It was such a special thing that I wanted to incorporate the books into his room. I found this vintage record stand at a local antique shop and was thrilled to discover that it is the perfect size to hold a rotating collation of our favorite books.

  • A Gallery Wall

    A Gallery Wall

    We found art that had to do with the night sky from various artists and made a gallery on our navy blue accent wall. Did you know you can get free copies of the images from the Hubble telescope? That big one in the middle is the Orion Nebula (nerd alert!). Isn’t it beautiful? Go to to see all the photos available for free!


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