On Display – Charming Ideas For Toys To Display In the Nursery

While for the most part we as parents want the toys we give and purchase for our babies to be functional and get lots of enjoyment by baby for quite a long time.  Some toys are even so great that they live on well past the first child, and are lovingly handed down, tattered but no worse for wear, to the next sibling in line.  But sometimes it’s fun and special to have a toy or two that are put on display in baby’s nursery.  Of course they can and should be played with if the need and time arises.  But when set on a bookshelf, or sitting atop a nightstand, these little toys add a special touch, a bit of charm if you will, to baby’s nursery.  Here are 8 unique toys that can be played with, or put on display to add a special touch of decor to baby’s nursery.

  • Ruthie The Deer

    Ruthie The Deer

    Sitting 2 feet tall, this adorable stuffed animal is made with love and care. Hand embroidered face, soft brushed wool, and Liberty of London print kerchief are just a few of the details that make this stuffed animal one to love and treasure. Via Amelia Presents

  • Wooden Moveable Alligator

    Wooden Moveable Alligator

    This alligator is made with such care, it is almost indestructible, so allow your young one to play with it, or keep it on a shelf for a quirky touch to the nursery. Made of new growth beech wood, with elastic band muscles to take lots of wear and tear. Find the alligator, and other wooden animals at Amelia Presents

  • Balancing Blocks

    Balancing Blocks

    These blocks are so aesthetically pleasing to the eye that they are a perfect accent to add charm and cool to any nursery. But when taken off the shelf they’re lots of fun to play with too! Find them at Amelia Presents

  • Wooden Airplane

    Wooden Airplane

    Handmade of ecofriendly wood, this darling little plane is the perfect addition to a baby boy’s aviator themed nursery. Find it at The Wooden Horse

  • Wooden Blocks

    Wooden Blocks

    This set of 20 blocks has 120 letter options to spell out just about anything, but my favorite is the New Baby phrase, making this the perfect baby shower gift, and a special one to display for years. Find it at The Wooden Horse

  • 3 Piece Wooden Animal Puzzle

    3 Piece Wooden Animal Puzzle

    Simple enough for young ones to solve on their own, but also a really good looking piece of art to put on display in baby’s nursery, or your child’s room! Find it at Amelia Presents

  • Alphabet Blocks

    Alphabet Blocks

    Made of pine and mahogany, these wooden letters are great for stacking, spelling out words, learning letters, or just for admiring in a well placed part of baby’s room. Find them at Amelia Presents

  • Animal Pillows

    Animal Pillows

    Bright colored soft animal pillows can be used as baby’s lovie, or just put in a well appointed part of the nursery to enjoy. Available in a wide range of animals and pretty colors, find them at Amelia Presents

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