Name Art: 15 Ways to Display Your Baby’s Name in the Nursery

As a mom, you spend so much time picking out your littles’ names. Zoe was easy; she was the first and I loved what her name meant: life. It was perfect. McKenzie came next because I wanted to call her Kenzie. However, the nickname never really fit her; instead, she liked M better. Then a few months after I had McKenzie I fell in love with the name Kennedy, but I wanted to spell it differently. So, when little miss K came along we did just that and we had ourselves Kennadi. Next came Sadie. This was a tough one because we always loved different names and we had to keep up with that trend. My husband actually came up with Sadie and I immediately fell in love. As for Grayson, well, we had it picked out for if Sadie had been a boy, so we just stuck with it. And that is our baby naming story. So in the spirit of names, I have come across some very creative DIY ways to display names in the nursery as well as some oh-so-pretty personalized prints too! Take a look at a few of my favorite ways to display your little one’s name with some fun name art!
  • Scrabble Letters

    Scrabble Letters

    These giant scrabble letters displayed in this twin nursery are a great way to give the room a focal point and such a fun way to display names!

    Nursery image via Project Nursery

    Scrabble letters from 15 Tangerines

  • Pretty Hanging Letters

    Pretty Hanging Letters

    Hung fabric letters serves as an eclectic way to show-off your favorite name.

    Image via On to Baby

  • Name Banner

    Name Banner

    A beautiful wall created around a name banner and embroidery hoops is one of my favorites!

    Image via Project Nursery

  • Personalized Hoop Art

    Personalized Hoop Art

    My favorite way to display a name in a nursery is with embroidered hoop art. I love the whimsical feel and well, it’s just so pretty.

    Buy it from Catshy Crafts

  • Personalized Mural

    Personalized Mural

    How can you not love this personalized mural? It’s a fun way to add a touch of fun! I love how the name is spelled out in the airplane’s trail.

    Image via On to Baby

  • Modern DIY

    Modern DIY

    The acrylic and adhesive wall letters are a modern way to display a name. Hung with chain from your local hardware store!

    Nursery image via Project Nursery

  • Fun Name Print

    Fun Name Print

    Display your child’s name proud in a modern and fresh way with this fun print customized to your nursery colors.

    Get the print from ModGenes Designs

  • Framed Chalkboard

    Framed Chalkboard

    Why not create an elegant chalkboard! Take an old tray and make it into a beautiful piece of art by painting it with chalkboard paint. You can add adhesive letters or paint your own.

    Image via On to Baby

  • Picture Frame Art

    Picture Frame Art

    Get the perfect name art with a little fabric, letters, and scrapbook paper! Throw it all in a frame and hang it up.

    See the tutorial on The Winthrop Chronicles

  • Add Some Details

    Add Some Details

    Purchase letters and customize them in your own way! These nursery features beautiful letters that were painted and topped with ribbon to create a beautiful name display.

    Letters from Simply Sawdust

    Image via On to Baby

  • DIY Neutral Letters

    DIY Neutral Letters

    Twine wrapped letters! Could they be any more perfect? And so easy too! Full name or just initials!

    Image via On to Baby

  • A Pretty Focal Point

    A Pretty Focal Point

    Take simple letters and create a beautiful wall with other design elements like wall vinyls and a hanging paper chandelier. They all work so well together to show-off the name.

    Image via Project Nursery

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