My Favorite Part of the Nursery

My daughter is two now, so we’ve had a room for her for quite a long time. And yet, the thing I love most about it is a recent addition.

Shortly after her birth, we bought a glider and ottoman set for the room and I was quickly disappointed in how uncomfortable it was for nursing (I’m on the shorter side, so with a nursing pillow, my elbows were up around my ears and the chair was too narrow for her to stretch out very easily as she ate). Happily, she started sleeping through the night soon after and the chair became basically a place to rock our daughter for a few minutes before bed and read a book or two (or snack on some toes).


But then, when a friend of mine mentioned that she was getting rid of a big armchair in her playroom, I asked if I could have it instead. I figured it would be much easier to nurse the new baby in, it was big enough that I could lay sideways in it and hopefully get some sleep, and also my other daughter could sit comfortably beside me when we read stories.

When the new chair made its big entrance, we hadn’t yet gotten rid of the glider, but within a day, we’d decided to keep them both.

Yes, the nursery is pretty small and having two chairs in there takes up a lot of room, but the fact that both my husband and I can sit comfortably while our daughter plays means we spend a lot more time as a family in there. Ella also now prefers laying down on the new big chair while I read to her from the glider.

I would never have even thought of having two chairs in a nursery, but now it seems like the best idea ever.

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