Lucky Moon | 5 Gorgeous Moon Items for Baby’s Nursery

Second up in my series on “lucky charms” during this month of good luck are moons. Rare blue moons to be exact. I love nurseries styled after stars, or skies, or anything astronomy so this was a fun roundup for me. I found 5 really awesome moon pieces for baby’s nursery. Click through to see them all…

  • Goodnight Little Moon

    Goodnight Little Moon

    There are so many great art prints out there now-a-days for new moms and stylish nurseries. I especially love this one with a sweet goodnight message.

    Daphne Graphics

  • To the Moon... AND BACK!

    To the Moon... AND BACK!

    A gorgeous reminder that a mother’s love has no end.
    Lisa Barbero

  • Once in a Rare Blue Moon

    Once in a Rare Blue Moon

    …a bodysuit comes around that’s as cute as this one. It’s so simple, and it appeals to the science nerd in me. What do you think?
    Crawl Space Studios

  • Rest Your Head on the Moon

    Rest Your Head on the Moon

    Isn’t this french hand stiched moon pillow precious? It would be such a beautiful heirloom and would look gorgeous in a night sky inspired nursery.
    Estelle Billot

  • Hey Diddle!

    Hey Diddle!

    Love the old nursery rhyme? Then you’ll love this creative, handmade moon mobile.
    The Lady Birdtree


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