Lasting Trends: The Most Gorgeous & Innovative Nursery Ideas of 2012

We do a lot of nursery roundups here on DB. Who can help themselves really – the ideas and looks are all just too darling. They inspire and invite us to daydream about the possibilities.

2012 was a fabulous year for DIY nurseries and decor ideas. If you’re not sure where to start in decorating your baby’s nursery, look no further. I’ve collected all of the very best lasting trends – sure to become classics and grow with your baby for many years to come!

  • Chalkboard Walls

    Chalkboard Walls

    We’ve seen them everywhere, in all sorts of nurseries, play-rooms and kid’s rooms. Inviting creative free play is what makes this lasting trend so popular, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing these well into 2013!

  • Dark Walls

    Dark Walls

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em – we can’t deny the popularity of this look. I myself am a huge fan, especially when coupled with bright pops of colour, warm knits and whimsical decor accents. All of which are also strong trends in nursery decor that we can expect to continue into the new year.

  • Decorating With Maps

    Decorating With Maps

    Wall decor, pillows, baby layette…you name it, maps were a big trend in 2012 in nursery decor and accessories.

  • Paper Mobiles

    Paper Mobiles

    From paper bunting to paper mobiles in various shape, size, pattern and colour palettes – I expect paper nursery decor is here to stay.

  • DIY Mobiles

    DIY Mobiles

    With easy tutorials and how-to-videos making such a huge splash on the internets, I thought including a DIY project that embodied so many trends from this year was fitting. Geometric patterns, hot air balloons, neon and pastels – this mobile has it all.

  • Starry Night

    Starry Night

    Detailed ceilings of any sort have been well received, gone are the days of leaving a nursery ceiling plain white. Which, makes sense – the ceiling is what our little babies stare at much of the time. Might as well make it entertaining!

  • Hanging Cradles

    Hanging Cradles

    LOVE this idea. Some may think this is a rather new one, but indigenous cultures have been putting their babies in hanging cradles for centuries!

  • Rolling Clothing Racks

    Rolling Clothing Racks

    Ingenius and gorgeous for small or shared spaces.

  • Origami Walls

    Origami Walls

    Bold and colourful, origami wallpaper like this offers the sort of busy whimsy and charm that babies (and parents) love!

  • Origami Mobiles

    Origami Mobiles

    A look that boasts both the paper mobile aspects and origami aesthetic so popular from the past year, sure to stick around for years to come!

  • Origami Artwork

    Origami Artwork

    Last origami piece, I promise. I had to include this one because it features two hugely popular elements of design from the past couple of years. Obviously, foxes and origami. Also very minimalist looking, another huge trend we won’t see the end of for a while.

  • Ceiling Medallions

    Ceiling Medallions

    This right here takes it home. Ceiling detail, a light fixture medallion with an antique (compass) nautical theme. All big trends I’d like to see continue on. You?

  • Chevron


    Just when you think you can’t bear anymore chevron, a nursery like this is created and the love affair begins all over again. Especially when it boasts gold accents, shiny navy and white, and that pretty pink. This look may not be for everyone, but I adore it.

  • Shared Spaces

    Shared Spaces

    We’ve been seeing more and more shared spaces in nursery design, and not just for siblings. Guest rooms, home offices, work studios – you name it it’s being done, and quite beautifully at that!

  • Geometric Layette

    Geometric Layette

    Pillows, quilts, afghans, sheets, burp cloths, receiving blankets, swaddles – you name it, geo prints are hitting that action with full-on, beatific force!

  • Black & White...

    Black & White...

    With pops of neon. This nursery is also heavily influenced by all that is Scandinavian in design, another favoured element we can expect a lot more of. See also, yet another awesome shared space!
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  • Geo (Neon) Mobiles

    Geo (Neon) Mobiles

    A mobile not to be forgotten, geometric prints didn’t just make a huge splash in baby layette this year. This nursery features quite a few lasting design elements that I’d wager to say become considered classic over trendy into the future. Pouf footrests, opaque white light pendants and handmade charm in all of the little accents.

  • Vintage Flair

    Vintage Flair

    Bright, retro aqua, vintage sheets and home-made crocheted bunting from lace doilies are just a few nostalgic elements that have been so popular in home and nursery design for a while now. Not to mention the brilliant use of the closet that I’ve seen done many times this year.

  • Wallpapered Ceilings

    Wallpapered Ceilings

    More of the detailed ceiling action I’ve been raving about. Plus, dark colours used on walls and furniture that one would think doesn’t typically work for a nursery? Huge this year.

  • Handmade Everything

    Handmade Everything

    Gathering unique, one-of-a-kind items that were made with love in decorating ones nursery; satisfies the desire to create a warm, loving environment for that much anticipated, blessed arrival of life. Hence the popularity of handmade goods for babies.

  • Name Art

    Name Art

    This is more of a classic design element we’ve been seeing for years in baby and kids’ rooms. This year brought back to life with tons of different DIY ideas that expecting parents can make themselves!
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  • Repurposed Nurseries

    Repurposed Nurseries

    All hail the repurposed baby’s room. Or any room in the house really. I’m jealous of the people who have the time (or the money to hire others to do it), to pull of entirely repurposed rooms. From the furniture to the decor accents, just like this adorable nursery.

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  • Neon Nurseries

    Neon Nurseries

    Pops of neon everywhere you look. Plus, bunting. 2 biggies we saw a lot of!
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  • Eclectic, DIY Flair

    Eclectic, DIY Flair

    Pulling together an eclectic look and DIY projects have the potential to go horribly wrong. In this case everything here is done just right. I hope we keep seeing a lot more DIY nurseries!

  • All The Best Things

    All The Best Things

    What we have hear is a brilliant mish-mash of basically all of the big trends that I’ve mentioned in this round-up and then some!

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