Jasper’s Montessori, Vintage Disney-Inspired Nursery!

This past weekend, we had the distinct pleasure of packing up the van and road-tripping for 3 hours to finally visit our friends in their new home. We used to all live together in the same city, but things change after babies, and often the distance grows.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a while since we’ve all savoured each other’s company, and in some ways, this weekend lent itself to myself and Jasper’s mom Meghan getting to know each other on a deeper level. Both moms now, with partners who are very similarly lovely and complex. I suppose the same could be said for us.


It was a grand affair with many different groups of friends and their children gathered, lots of outdoor eating and music making. They’ve been in their new home a while now and the warmth, love, and attention to fine detail shines in each and every room. Especially their little Jasper’s nursery. I had a chance to take some pictures and interview Meghan a little bit about how the space came together…

“We never set out to create a Disney-themed room – in fact, we didn’t go into it with a theme in mind at all. We moved into this house during Jasper’s first month, and so everything has been coming together slowly. So much of what we’ve chosen to put in his room has a lot of meaning for us because it’s a part of family history, or because it’s a gift from someone we love. The rest of it is there because it serves a purpose — a nursery is a room that sees heavy duty use on a daily basis. That’s the kind of environment we want our home to be: functional and filled with love.”

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