It’s a Small World: Multicultural Wall Art for Your Baby’s Nursery

Introducing our children to other cultures is something that my husband and I wanted to prioritize from the very beginning. Whether it be dolls, art, books, toys or even room decor, I am always looking for ways to bring ‘the world’ into our home.

Oopsy Daisy’s Fine Art for Kids has always been a favorite of mine. Their canvas wall art is unlike the ‘typical’ children’s art out there. It’s unique, bright, colorful and appealing to all ages.

When I heard that Oopsy Daisy had released a special collection featuring one of my favorite artists, I couldn’t wait to check it out! The “It’s a Small World” Collection features drawings, fun prints and gorgeous artwork. My favorites include original art pieces by Mary Blair, which were hand-picked from the Disney archives! The great thing about Mary Blair’s pieces is that they look gorgeous in any room whether it be a baby’s nursery, a child’s bedroom or even an adult’s library or living room.

Would you consider these pieces for your baby’s nursery? Which canvases are your favorite?

  • Magic Facade

    Magic Facade

    As the name suggests, Mary Blair’s Magic Facade is definitely magical!

  • Palace Princess

    Palace Princess

    Sweet Dreams! The Moroccan Palace Princess and her pet lounge in the shadow of the palace as they nod off.

  • Hello! Bonjour!

    Hello! Bonjour!

    Hello! Bonjour! Both will do ;). Loving this navy blue piece with the hidden whales from the “Paris Boy” collection.

  • Elephant Garden

    Elephant Garden

    Under the patterned sky of India lives a sky elephant surrounded by fun florals and sweet birds. Love the Elephant Garden‘s subtle paisley details!

  • Crab


    Crabs are cute but the contrast of the red against bright blue is even more appealing to babies.

  • Neutral Facade

    Neutral Facade

    The geometric design, metallics, greys, black and beige colors in the Neutral Facade is sure to stimulate and fascinate babies and kids of all ages.

  • Adventure Ship

    Adventure Ship

    Learn everything you need to know about an Adventure Ship with this cute piece.

  • Fabulous Frenchie

    Fabulous Frenchie

    He’s fabulous. He’s French. And he’s adorable. Fabulous Frenchie enjoys a park in Paris with his butterfly friends in this sweet print.

  • Castle Facade

    Castle Facade

    I love how the overlapping blocks on the Castle Facade create different shapes and shades!

  • Jungle Scene

    Jungle Scene

    Everything about this Jungle Scene makes me happy. The trees, the lines and those adorable animals (especially the giraffe and its unique ‘spots’).

  • Blue Moroccan Facade

    Blue Moroccan Facade

    Soothing and mystical, the Blue Moroccan Facade brings the majesty of Morocco to kids rooms in a mid-century modern style.

  • Captain Growly

    Captain Growly

    Parisian pup Captain Growly is feeling a little proud considering he just received a promotion to sea captain.

  • Parisian Facade

    Parisian Facade

    Pinks, pastels and a poodle. The Parisian Facade brings a little bit of pink chic to a girly nursery.

  • Color Blocks

    Color Blocks

    Can you spot the message hidden in the vibrant Color Blocks?

  • Gold Moroccan Facade

    Gold Moroccan Facade

    These Moroccan themed Facades are tempting me to get on a plane and visit. Love the warm gold hues on this one.

  • Balloon Explorers

    Balloon Explorers

    8 children from all around the world hop in a hot air balloon for a ride in the night sky. The “Balloon Explorers” is soothing, inspiring and visually stunning.

  • Striped Waves

    Striped Waves

    The Striped Waves offer a nautical flair and plenty of eye candy for babies.

  • Desert Star

    Desert Star

    Wish upon a Desert Star or ask an exotic Moroccan genie to grant your wishes. Turquoise, bright blue and violet create a beautiful contrast.

  • Color Facade

    Color Facade

    Another bright and bold Color Facade. The more I look at it the more I’m inspired to grab my kids crayons and a piece of paper.

  • Pretty Poodle

    Pretty Poodle

    “Le Woof!” Paris wouldn’t be Paris without a pretty Purple Poodle now would it?

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