Is Two Cribs Too Many?

Since we found out a new baby would be joining our family, we’ve planned on transitioning our older daughter to a toddler bed, either shortly before the baby is born or sometime afterward, when the baby is no longer sleeping in our room.

But now, with this baby’s arrival just a few weeks away, we’re reconsidering.

Ella has always loved her crib. Most days, she asks to get in at some point and she’ll sit quietly in there, playing with a few stuffed animals or just laying down and gently rubbing the ends of the ribbons on the bumpers. Often, when we have friends over, she’ll request to get in, just to get a little space of her own (that’s my introverted side shining through, right there!).

Hanging Out in the Crib

When I told her that the new baby would sleep in her crib and she’d get a big bed, she burst into tears and said, “No! It’s my bed!” and has continued to proclaim it HER bed on multiple occasions since. She seems to have no problem with the concept of sharing a room with the baby, but the idea of handing over her crib? Not sitting well with my little two-year-old.

She sleeps fantastically at night and generally takes a fairly good nap each afternoon. She’s never once tried to climb out of her crib. And everything I’ve read suggests there is no reason to rush the transition to a “real” bed.

Plus I’ve just heard so many horror stories about children getting up much earlier or taking forever to go to bed or dropping naps once they discover the freedom of a real bed.

And so now, we’re wondering if it’d be insane to buy a second crib instead of a toddler bed. Especially if they were both cribs that could be converted into toddler beds.

Has anyone else done two cribs for children more than 2 years apart in age?

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