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Inspired by this lovely month of love, I decided to look up the birthstone for February babies and it happens to be Amethyst! What a perfect nursery color inspiration. With purple you have so many options from bright and bold, to regal and rich, to pastel lavender, you can even dip your toes into the mauve family! Using purple is a bold choice so I’ve rounded up some gorgeous and creative examples of purple nurseries done right! Click through to see them all and learn more about the color purple…

  • Inspired By Purple Hues

    Inspired By Purple Hues

    Purple has been associated with royalty and as a jewel tone it still carries a rich and luxurious quality. Pastel variations are considered calming for nurseries. Click through to see 10 examples of great purple hued spaces for wee ones!

    Color Theory Facts Found Here

  • Light Purple + Gray = Calm

    Light Purple + Gray = Calm

    Choosing a light shade of violet is a great option if you want something sweet and girly but don’t want pink. I love this calming gray and purple nursery.

    The Honeybee

  • Patterned Purple + Sage = Charming

    Patterned Purple + Sage = Charming

    This modern nursery with soft patterned purple on the walls and sage green accents is so soft and sweet but is less frilly than other options. I love the feel of it!


  • Purple + Lions = Playful

    Purple + Lions = Playful

    I love this bright and playful nursery. The brighter shade of light purple adds some pep to the room but keeps it serene. The little cartoon lion toy in the corner adds playfulness. It’s super cute!
    Orange Beautiful

  • Purple + Turquoise

    Purple + Turquoise

    I absolutely ADORE this room. (Look at that incredible lamp!) Bright purple and turquoise are a bold choice but this room pulls it off with its fun and imaginative theme. I just love it all!
    Project Nursery

  • Bright Purple + Chevron = Fun

    Bright Purple + Chevron = Fun

    This nursery combines a bright purple accent wall with lots of chevron patterns for a bold and fun feeling space that has an edge of modern flair.
    Project Nursery

  • Purple + Prints = Lyrical Fun

    Purple + Prints = Lyrical Fun

    I love these multi-shade prints with the lyrics from the beloved song, “You Are My Sunshine”. They are the perfect accent for a modern purple nursery.
    Wall Art Shop

  • Purple + Animal Print = Luxurious Tribal

    Purple + Animal Print = Luxurious Tribal

    I love this inspiration board for a purple hued tribal inspired space. It is luxurious and modern and has an edge because of the patterns included.

  • Purple + Curvy Lines = Whimsical

    Purple + Curvy Lines = Whimsical

    These complimentary shades of violet mixed with the curvy lines in the pattern of the curtains and in the wood of the furniture make for a girl and whimsical space. It’s precious.
    Project Nursery

  • Hidden Lilac + Neutral Space = Happy Surprise

    Hidden Lilac + Neutral Space = Happy Surprise

    I love the lilac paint almost hidden under the chair rail. This is a great idea for incorporating a bold color in a way that isn’t overwhelming.
    Project Nursery

  • Purple + Stripes = Modern

    Purple + Stripes = Modern

    This shade of purple is absolutely lovely! And I love how they mixed it with big bold black and white striped curtains. It’s modern and bold but still calm.


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