Grow With Me! Growth Charts You’ll Treasure For Years

When I was pregnant, we got a really lovely growth chart as a gift and I thought it as such a sweet and thoughtful thing. When I was growing up, I used to measure myself on the pantry door in our bathroom and I marked it up with permanent marker. My mom has always said she’ll rip that door out of the wall one day as a keepsake. But, with a growth chart like these you don’t have to worry about marking up a permanent fixture in your house. In fact, some of these are even keepsakes that you can roll up and keep in a box long after your kids outgrow the chart….

  • The Heirloom Growth Chart

    The Heirloom Growth Chart

    This handmade set comes ready to become a family heirloom in a keepsake box. You mark growth along the chart and then roll it back up to keep as a memento of childhood after your little one grows up.
    Miss Natalie

  • Rustic Ruler Chart

    Rustic Ruler Chart

    For lovers of simplicity, a ruler for the wall makes a great chart. This white one blends in pretty well for a modern but still fun memento.
    Kims Sister

  • Little Birdie Chart

    Little Birdie Chart

    For a graphic and modern look I like this simple chart. It’s a decal so it goes right on the wall and doesn’t take up any space!
    Byrdie Graphics

  • Little Firefighter Chart

    Little Firefighter Chart

    Another decal for the wall, this chart is perfect for those with dreams of one day growing into a firefighter.
    Deco Mod Walls

  • Burlap Keepsake Chart

    Burlap Keepsake Chart

    These fabric charts make the best keepsakes since you can so easily roll them up and store them safely away. This burlap and button chart would fit in a rustic style nursery beautifully.
    A.E. Wilder

  • Personalized Owl Chart

    Personalized Owl Chart

    You can’t quite see in this image but this chart has an adorable crew of owls all perched atop each other’s heads. This one can also be personalized with your little one’s name.
    Urban Tickle

  • Little Giraffe Chart

    Little Giraffe Chart

    This chart is for the littlest among us, only going up to 4 feet tall.
    Wall Inspired

  • Pattern Love Chart

    Pattern Love Chart

    For those with a love of bold and modern graphics, I present this beautifully colored chart. Great for little boys, or little girls.
    Giraffes N Stuff

  • Patterned Elephants Chart

    Patterned Elephants Chart

    For those of you with a love for our trunk-sporting animal friends, this chart with pretty patterns would be perfect.
    Wall Art Design

  • Nautical Striped Ruler Chart

    Nautical Striped Ruler Chart

    There’s really nothing more appropriate than a ruler for measuring growth. This one would look great in a nautical themed nursery.


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